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Alas Purwo National Park

Alas Purwo National Park

One of the most interesting places in East Java is Alas Purwo National Park Banyuwangi which is located in sub-district of Tegaldlimo and Purwoharjo sub-district, Banyuwangi-East Java. This national park is about 43.420 hectares in width. Alas Purwo National Park is available with the beauty of nature. One of the natural beauties in Alas Purwo National Park is beach. There are many beautiful beaches that can be visited in Alas purwo National Park.

Beaches in Alas Purwo National Park in Bayuwangi:

  1. Plengkung Beach
    This is the beach where both local and international surfing lovers love to spend time at. The high and three layers of waves are the best things in this beach. In this beach also called G-Land is often held international surfing events. Other interesting thing about Plengkung beach is its location that is easy to reach from Bali by speedboats.
  2. Pancur Beach
    This is the beach with white sand that is completed with a river formed like a shower flowing to this beach. The color of the beach is beautiful blue that makes people want to go this place again and again and even do the camping by the beach. Not to mention the caves near this beach called Istana Cave and Sendang Srengenge that make the beach even more beautiful.
  3. Cungur Beach
    This beach is the habitat of about forty kinds of wild birds. Not only visitors can see local wild birds but also birds doing migration from other countries. People like photographers and researchers often come to this beach to observe birds. Other visitors also like to do bird watching in this beach.
  4. Ngagelan Beach
    Visitors coming to this beach from May to September will enjoy seeing turtles laying eggs at night. There are about four kinds of turtles that can be found in Ngagelan Beach. Visitors can see the process of releasing baby turtles into the beach.
  5. Trianggulasi Beach
    This is the quietest beach in Alas Purwo National Park with beautiful white sand that visitors sometimes can see wild animals. This beach is quiet but beautiful. Visitors love to be in tranquility will love this beach for sure.

Alas Purwo National Park is not only famous for its beaches but also other places like savanna, religious temples, and Mangrove and Bamboo forests.

Other interesting places to visit in Alas Purwo National Park:
Bedul Mangrove Forest is the largest ecotourism area in Java Island. This forest is developed by local people of Sumber Asri and Alas Purwo National Park management. Visitors can go around the Mangrove forest with the local people’s boats with reasonable price.

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Sadengan Savanna. This habitat of some wild animals is completed with a tower where visitors can observe those wild animals from. The best to come to this place is in the morning around six o’clock to nine o’clock, or in the afternoon around four to five o’clock. These are the times when the wild animals get together and play. It is an interesting thing to do to observe wild animals showing their instincts.

Bamboo Forest. This forest can be passed if visitors want to go to Istana cave. This is located about five hundred meters from Pancur Post. The bamboos there are very long and curved. The atmosphere is terrifying since it is so quiet and no guard posts inside the forest.

Luhur Giri Salaka Temple and Kawitan Site. These religious places are actively used by Hindu people. There are many religious services done in these places.

Alas Purwo National Park

Alas Purwo mean the oldest forest. No wonder if Alas Purwo National Park has forests where many wild animals live there. Are you interested in exploring this national park? It is great if the article about Alas Purwo National Park Banyuwangi gets you get inspired to visit it.

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