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Arabica Homestay in Ijen Crater

Arabica Homestay in Ijen Crater

Mount Ijen Crater is located in Banyuwangi has become a tourist destination for visitors from around the world, not only from local travelers but also from abroad. In this place has a lot of interesting natural phenomena that we can enjoy as an example: Phenomenon Blue Fire / Blue Flame, the phenomenon of the Milky way, and blue crater phenomena that so fascinating.

Enjoyed the Ijen crater takes quite 2 days only, therefore, you need an accommodation to stay temporarily, one of the best lodging for temporary residence is Arabica homestay. Arabica homestay in Ijen Creter is an inn that offers views and a beautiful atmosphere surrounded by coffee plantations.

Arabica Homestay is located in the hills of Arabica coffee, Sempol village, Bondowoso, East Java. Arabica hotel is located approximately 13 km before heading to Paltuding (Entrance climbing Ijen crater) or takes 50 minutes from the tourist attractions Ijen crater, which is a little farther from the Catimor Homestay.

When heading to Arabica Homestay from Bondowoso town, it takes approximately 2 hours. Along the way to the hotel, you will be treated with a variety of landscapes that will spoil your eyes because Lots of Arabica coffee plantations that you can visit. Arabica Homestay is a cozy inn to stay, the air is fresh and has a beautiful garden gives nuance to you, who are staying in this hotel. There are many coffee farms in locations around the aroma of Arabica Homestay can make excited to immediately enjoy the warm Coffee Arabica.

Facilities offered by Arabica homestay in Ijen crater
Arabica homestay in Ijen crater┬ánot only has a beautiful nuance, It is also supported by the waiter – waiters were very friendly and catered to all required by the guests. There are some of the features of Arabica homestay that can be enjoyed by visitors, including the following:

a. Room
Arabica homestay crater presents three classes of rooms that you can choose with equal facility in each room, namely:

Economy room
In economy class, there is a spacious bedroom, fitted bathroom and hot water inside. Consists of 3-4 beds in 1 room can be occupied by 4-5 people.
Standard Room
In the standard class there is a bathroom equipped with a hot shower and certainly Breakfast which has been prepared by the hotel.
VIP Room
VIP class is a class that is highest among the other types. Type VIP room has a complete facilities such as a bathroom inside with hot water and breakfast.

b. The rooms are spacious and blankets
c. Hot water showers
d. breakfast provided by the hotel manager

Arabica Homestay in Ijen Crater

Besides the above facilities, Arabica homestay in Ijen Crater also provides travel season picking coffee, usually the package is only available from May to August, you just pay Rp. 25.000, – per person for package picking this coffee, at that price you are invited to picking coffee straight from the garden that is guided by a guide who has worked in the coffee plantations. You will also be given the opportunity to see the process of “animal Luwak” are producing coffee ‘Coffee Luwak’ from start-up to a coffee that can be enjoyed.

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