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B29 Summit East Java

B29 Summit east Java (Puncak B29 Bromo) is a challenging trekk but wonderful activity to spend your leisure as you trek along the rain forest with Mountain Bromo and mountain Semeru View as the background.

B29 Summit Bromo East Java, Trekking for a Challenging and Memorable Holiday

Do you love trekking? If yes, Mount Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is one of the best trekking lines in East of Java or even in Java Island, Indonesia. B29 Summit is one of the highest peaks here, as it is situated 2.900 meters above the sea level, the height is almost same by Mount Penanjakan view point 1 the option place to see the Bromo Sunrise. If you want to admire the beauty of Mount Bromo from the distance, this is a must-visit trekking peak of B29 Bromo east Java, which is located in Senduro Argosari Village, Sub-District of Lumajang.

What Makes B29 Summit East Java Special

Trekking is one of the choices of mount Bromo tour package option and to spend leisure or holiday doing adrenaline-challenging activities. It trains your perseverance and patience. However, these are not the only things you will get by trekking in Mount Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. On your way to B29 Summit east Java, you will see the life of Javanese people, along with their cultures and traditions in a closer way.

Along you way, you will find out where the fresh vegetables that supply East of Java come from. Yes, most of local people around the trekking line are farmers, who cultivate vegetables. Those are green onion, cabbage, leek, and potatoes, round chili, carrots, and tomatoes, thanks to the fertile land.

Trekking to this line also provides you with unforgettable natural view and the truly rural feel. Imagine trekking to a height of mount, with another higher mount is on your side. Mount Bromo offers amazing view from the distance, thanks to the sea of sand and Savanna, above which white clouds cover the mountain area. On the other side, another beautiful view is waiting for you, namely Argosari Plantation, which is in line with Mount Semeru.

Tips for Trekking to B29 Summit East Java

As mentioned above, B29 Summit East Java is almost as high as Semeru Mount. The difference is that the trekking road is a little bit steeper and winding. Therefore, make sure to do the following tips for your safety:

  • Wear a pair of high-quality trekking shoes
  • Bring a stick or trekking pole to help you while walking
  • A pair of necessary apparels, such as warm sweater and jackets, gloves, and scarf
  • Bring enough mineral water; walking will exhaust you.
  • Camping tools and utilities, if you want to see the magnificent sunrise view from the hill.
  • Go with a travel agent such as awantour.com, by taking a trekking tour package to the desired destinations, particularly if this is the first time for you to explore the natural beauty around Bromo National Park.

The great news is that after enjoying the view on the summit, you proceed to other nearby trekking destinations. Madakaripura waterfall, which offers the soothing atmosphere and beauty of a lost paradise, is a nearby attraction.

Also, you can set a camping night near to Ranu Kumbolo or Ranu Regulo Lake. So, it will provide you with a great camping experience with undisturbed view of natural lake as the background. Have you imagined visiting a place, where you feel like standing on the cloud? B29 Summit east Java is the answer.

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