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Baluran National Park, East Java

Baluran National Park, East Java

The Reasons to Spend Holiday in Baluran National Park.
For those who want to spend holiday in Indonesia, you can take specific place such as Baluran National Park, East java. It is good to take this place on your holiday list especially if you are curious about East Java. Yes, actually the location of this national park is in East Java. The exact location is on Situbondo Regency. Let’s talk about this national park so you will be more interesting to visit this unique place.

What You Will Enjoy in Baluran National Park
If it is your first time to visit Baluran National Park, definitely you are curious about what you will see there. What you need to know that this park is also known as mini Africa. It is a common thing because this park has various types of flora and fauna just like when you are visiting Africa. In specific, you will enjoy the beauty of savanna, mangrove, forest, swam, mountain, and many more. You can feel the fresh air and the exotic of flora that you never seen before. Besides enjoying the flora, you can also enjoy the fauna such as buffalos. In fact, buffalos become the main animal in this national park. Birds are the second type of animal you can enjoy. Some of the birds are considered as rare birds. Those are including peacock, red forest chicken, rangkong, Tong-Tong stork.

Best Spots in Baluran National Park
So, what do you think about Baluran National Park, east java? Do you want to go there after reading the short explanation above? If it is so, you have to know the best time to go to this national park. For your information, it is better for you to go to this park along March to August. The reason of visiting this national park in March to August is because of the season. During those months you don’t have to be disturbed by rain. Moreover, you have to go to several best spots to enjoy this national park. For example, you have to go to the area known as Bekol and Semiang. From this first best spot, you are able to see several protected animals. Those are including peacock, buffalos, forest chicken, deer, and many more.

Baluran National Park, East Java

You are also able to visit a spot known as Bama, Balanan and Bilik. In this spot, you will see an attraction from the animal. Let say, you are coming to Baluran National Park around July to August you have a possibility to see a fighting of two male deer. In this location, you can also do water sport such as snorkeling, fishing and swimming. The next best spot you need to visit if you are spending time in Baluran National Park is Batangan. This is the best spot to see the dance of peacock. To see this unique dance, you have to go to this national park around October up to November. If you love to do an extreme sport it means you have to visit Curah Tangis . This is the place where you can do an extreme sport such as rock climbing. The officer of Baluran National Park, east Java will support you with complete safety properties standard.

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