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Bama Beach at Baluran Park

Bama Beach at Baluran Park

The Magical Experience of Visiting Bama Beach at Baluran National Park.
Bama Beach at Baluran Park is going to give every beach enthusiast the unforgettable experience of visiting a beautiful beach in Indonesia. When people are going to Indonesia and they want to visit beautiful beaches, surely they will go to Bali Island because that is where you can find beautiful beaches. Indeed, Bali is packed with beautiful beaches such as Kuta Beach and Lovina Beach. However, it is not all about Bali when it comes to beautiful beach. Banyuwangi has one too.

Banyuwangi is a city that basically the east border of Java Island. From Banyuwangi, it is just an hour to get to Bali Island, by crossing the sea. That is why Banyuwangi has equally beautiful beaches as Bali. One of the best islands in Banyuwangi is the Bama Beach for sure. It is located just 15 km away from the entrance gate of the famous Baluran Park. Below, you will find more information about Bama Beach at Baluran Park.

  1. Bama Beach at a Glance
    Bama beach is situated in the eastern area of the prominent Baluran National Park. Yes, this is the famous national park where you can see beautiful African savannah, one of the name savanna is Bekol Savannah that has full of exotic animals such as Java Banteng (a sort of bull), peacocks, exotic birds, and so on. The national park has another tourist destination that will blow your mind away. Yes, it is the Bama Beach. In Bama Beach, you will be able to enjoy really marvelous scenery of white sand beach and the fantastic panorama of mangrove and coral here on the beach. Beside of that, you can also see the local’s activity when they take care of the mangrove forest. There are two famous mangrove forests here which are the Bama and the Mantingan. This beach is also inhabited by cute monkeys. They are long tailed monkey (Macaca fascicularis) that can be very clever and sometimes naughty. Just protect your belongings and do not let them “rob” you. The monkeys are very talented tough because they can fish crabs with their long tail. Basically, Bama Beach is a really nice white sand beach with amazing live coral and magnificent view that you should never miss when you visit Baluran Park.
  2. What to do There?
    There are many things that you can do in Bama Beach. On the beach, you can see unique marine creatures, coral reef habitats, and also mangrove habitats. Doing beach and sea adventure like snorkeling, diving, and canoeing are also available for you on the beach. Bama Beach is also known these days as one of the most well-known snorkeling spot in Java. It is very decent and great way to explore the marine live under the sea. There will be lots of basic accommodation on the beach including ojek (people renting motorbike) that waits you on the entrance of the Bama Beach. Food stalls and also small hotels are also available around the area of Bama Beach. Visiting Bama Beach at Baluran Park is something that you will never regret, ever.

Bama Beach at Baluran

Bama beach at Baluran national Park is something not to be missed when visiting baluran. So, please take a little time for a vacation to this beach.

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