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Bekol Savanna in Baluran Park

Bekol Savanna in Baluran Park

What to do in Savannah Bekol in Baluran Park?
Bekol Savanna in Baluran Park is basically the main attraction of Baluran Park. Baluran National Park is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. It is a massive preservation area that looks like a majestic African savanna. That is Bekol Savannah. It looks exactly like an African Savannah especially during the afternoon and near the sunset. Baluran Park is a 25,000 ha area located on the northern coast of Java Island and it has Bekol Savannah and also Bama Beach in it. There are so many fun activities that you can do in Bekol Savanna in Baluran Park. Below are some of them.

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  1. What to do There?
    Outdoor activities are the first item on the list. Surely in Baluran Park along with its Bekol Savannah, you can do many fun activities. You can do a lot of outdoor activities as well in Baluran Park including mountain hiking, safari forest, mount climbing, hill walking, and also trekking. Surely, this is the right place for you to explore the beauty of nature. Next, you can surely explore wild and exotic animals here. Baluran National Park is a preservation area to keep endangered animals so that they do not extinct. There are numerous unique animals that you can find here. The animals are kept free in the Bekol Savannah. So, it is totally the place where you can see beautiful African-like savannah full of exotic animals such as Java Banteng (a sort of bull), peacocks, exotic birds, deers, and so on. There will be methods provided by the staff of the national park so that all animal enthusiasts can get interacted with the animals and can explore the behavior of the animals from close distance. There will be method as well where you can see the animals from up above. The animals are running of herds or groups so that you can see beautiful scenery just like in African savannah minus the giraffe and elephants for sure.
  2. Tips When Visiting Bekol Savannah
    Bekol Savannah and the overall Baluran Park is vast, like really vast. It can be called as a massive national park. It has more than 25,000 ha grassy savannah with forest, trees, bushes, and everything. That is why it is quite hard to explore the park or to explore the savannah without any vehicles. If you go there by walking, you will feel really tired because the park is vast. That is why use vehicle to explore the park. Baluran Park is surely offering touring vehicle along with the guide but it is usually for a large group of tourist. So, if you travel independently to the park, it will be too expensive to hire the touring vehicle. So, it is better to hire a car or motorbike (ojek). Both rental car and motorbike can make you explore the massive park more flexibly, enjoy its scenery, and go anywhere you want.

Bekol Savanna in Baluran Park

Bekol Savanna in Baluran Park is something that will make you enjoy the beauty of nature easily and it will be something simply unforgettable.

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