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The Best Hotel near Ijen Crater

The Best Hotel near Ijen Crater

The best hotel near Ijen crater or Recommended Lodge in the crater is important information you should know before heading to the Ijen crater. Ijen crater is one of the most popular tourist destination visited by visitors after Mount Bromo. In this place there is a natural phenomenon that is rarely found elsewhere such as, Blue Flame and the beauty of the crater is so amazing, so do not be surprised if a lot of domestic and foreign tourists who always took the time to visit the place often referred to this crater.

Before enjoying the natural scenery and beauty of the crater, surely, you must have a lot of time because it is not enough only one way, so the need to find information about the best hotel in Ijen crater that has complete facilities, the price is cheap and convenient. Below is information on the Best Hotel near Ijen Crater that can you flown for enjoying a holiday in the crater of Ijen.

  1. Catimor Homestay
    Catimor Homestay is the best inn that has the closest distance to attractions Ijen crater, at the hotel the tourists can enjoy the attractions “Blawan waterfall” as well as a hot water bath containing sulfur. at night this place the temperature reached 10 degrees Celsius, not only that, Catimor homestay is a historic inn Dutch heritage, which was established in 1894. Although the building is dominated by the majority of this wood was old, but this is very strong today. In addition, you can freely enjoy the pleasure of tea or coffee results from existing plantations around Blawan which always presented to each visitor.
  2. Arabica Homestay Banyuwangi
    For coffee lovers, it is precisely to stay at this hotel, the Inn that is also located not far from the Ijen Crater is also highly recommended to have, because the hotel Arabica Homestay has a very beautiful scenery and very suitable for those who love exploring coffee plantations. Arabica Homestay in general have different types of rooms, each room is also equipped with a bathroom inside and using hot water.
  3. Ijen Resto and Guest House
    Ijen Resto Lodge is located around 15 km from the crater of Ijen. Lodge designed with this type of bungalow has a beautiful garden, although in design with shades of bamboo house, this inn does not diminish the sense of comfort to stay overnight in this place. Each room at this guest house has a different facility in each room, such as for example: the type of home small bamboo named bamboo Lily with a bathroom inside but did not have hot water in it, then for the bathroom in that is had hot water is in the type of orchids 1 and orchid 2.
  4. Ijen Resort And Villas Banyuwangi.
    Ijen resort and villas is a 4 star hotel located in the village of Randu Agung, Licin, Banyuwangi. This luxury hotel offers a fairly expensive price that has full facilities in accordance with the price offered. Ijen Resort & Villas Banyuwangi has 30 rooms and the bedrooms that is fairly spacious with room type bungalow that is has a direct view to the fields and to the slopes of the mountains. The hotel is always visited by foreign tourists who are on holiday in Ijen crater, there is also the couples on their honeymoon in this hotel.

Best Hotel near Ijen Crater

That information about Recommended Lodge in the crater or the Best Hotel near Ijen Crater that you can choose when you are on holiday in Ijen crater. Therefore, choosing a cheap lodging but still have the comfort of rest is also recommended. Especially if the ultimate goal is to restore stamina tired body before and after climbing to the top of the mount Ijen Crater.

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