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Blawan Waterfall Bondowoso

Blawan Waterfall Bondowoso

Ijen Crater is one of the attractions and the main destination for visitors in Bondowoso, not only that, there are some other interesting places that are served by the city, as an example of Blawan Waterfall Bondowoso. Waterfall from sources drainage Ijen crater is located in the village Kalianyar, District Sempol, Bondowoso. This waterfall has its own attraction for the visitors because of its uniqueness. This waterfall has a slightly yellow color because in any flowing water contains a lot of sulfur.

Blawan Waterfall Bondowoso has a height of approximately 30 meters from the ground, Blawan waterfall have water debit is very large, so when any water that falls to the riverbed will create a very thunderous sound. Around the waterfall there are also hot springs containing sulfur, which is still maintained by natural, hot springs is normally used to soak the foot by the visitors who had come down from the crater of Ijen.

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Access to the waterfall is not too difficult, if you stay in the Catimor homestay, you need to to walk as far 1km, then through the streets up and down the stairs between two cliffs, visitors are expected to bring slippers mountain because you will go through the slippery road and a little dangerous , after arriving at the waterfall area you still have to go down the stairs with a range of 5 minutes to get in the eyes of the waterfall, you can only watch or enjoy the falls from the right side only, because on the other end of the waterfall area is the cliffs towering.

Blawan Waterfall Bondowoso

Once you feel quite satisfied with the natural beauty of this Blawan waterfall Bondowoso, you can continue the journey back to the hot spring is located near the waterfall, hot water containing sulfur is very good for your health, many of them soak in hot tubs after enjoying the waterfall, supposedly according to of widespread legend, the hot water in this pool, believed to be a drug to keep the body to stay young. That’s all of us and thank you for raading about Blawan waterfalls in the area Bondowoso.

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