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Bondowoso Regency

Bondowoso Regency

Interesting to Know about Bondowoso Regency, East Java, before Visiting It.
There are several regencies in East Java, Indonesia. One of the regencies is Bondowoso Regency. It is also good for you to go to this regency. You can feel different exploration experience by enjoying your days in this regency. Let’s learn a little bit about Bondowoso Regency especially if it is your first time to go there.

The Condition of the Village in Bondowoso Regency
You should know that most people in Bondowoso Regency are using Maduranese and Javanese as their primary language. Moreover, they also love to go to the park and this is the reason why you can see park. The park is also crowded especially on weekend. The scenery of this regency is also beautiful along with mountainous surrounding. It will be good if you go to this regency from Surabaya because it is the closest city. Just prepare yourself because Bondowoso Regency is warm and even hot. The unique part is that you can find a group of Arabic people live in this regency. They are living in a group in a place known as Arabic Village or Kampung Arab. This regency is also known as Tape City. For your information, tape is one of popular foods in this regency. You have to try this food if you go to Bondowoso Regency.

Popular Places in Bondowoso Regency
It will be good if you prepare your hiking clothes if you go to Bondowoso Regency. This is because you can visit an interesting place known as Kawah Ijen, a carter lake. Ijen Crater Lake is not the only interesting destination you can enjoy. Furthermore, people will suggest you to visit a place namely Tancak Kembar. You can also feel the cold of Blawan Sempol Waterfall. The best part of visiting those destinations is the magnificent of natural scenery.

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Don’t miss the chance to go to Tanah Wulan Village. This is because you can see hundreds of artifacts there. Just imagine that there are around 1.100 artifacts. Those artifacts consist of standing stones, statues, caves, and sarcophagus, and many more. The unique part is that you can also see Batu Kenong. This artifact is believed as and ancient music instrument. There are around 400 of Batu Kenong found in this village.

Bondowoso Regency

Popular Foods in Bondowoso Regency
Besides visiting those interesting places, definitely it is a must for you to try the popular foods in Bondowoso Regency. Absolutely, you have to try a food namely tape. This food is made of cassava and it is fermented with yeast for a few days. The taste of this food is sweet and sour along with special smell. The hard texture of cassava is changed because of the fermentation process and it becomes smooth. It is really a unique culinary in Bondowoso Regency and it gives you taste exploration. Rice is the main food in Indonesia including this regency. Because of that, you can find several popular foods with rice. Those are including Nasi Bondowoso or Bondowoso Rice. Don’t forget to taste one more food known as satay. Satay is made of meat usually chicken and goat along with nuts sauce. In short, you will get more experience by visiting Bondowoso Regency.

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