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Mount Bromo CraterTour Activity in Bromo while take a holiday is visit Mount Penanjakan the mountain to see and watch the beautiful sunrise, After seeing the beauty of the sunrise Bromo, from the mountain top Penanjakan the next trip is to visit the Bromo crater. It’s time to look directly crater famous mountain.

Bromo crater of Mount Bromo is located in an active volcano and crater in it has with the center line of ± 800 meters (north-south) and ± 600 meters (east-west). Mount Bromo has a height of 2 392 meters above sea level.

Bromo crater often used as a place for ceremonies Hindus who were there, it reminds us of the history of Mount Bromo when Roro anteng and Joko Seger approve if their youngest son was made a scapegoat as a condition if they want to have children.

But the couple Rara anteng and Joko Seger deny the law, so that the gods became angry and immediately there was a major disaster and the last child number 25 is Raden kusuma be offering a way in licked by embers coming out of the crater of Bromo. In the event that raden kusuma say if held rituals to the gods by sacrificing agricultural products and plantation thrown into the crater of Bromo.

Mount Bromo crater located in Mount Bromo is indeed very popular among tourists for once, to get to the crater bromo have several option is to hire a horse and on foot, when you decide to ride your horse getting ready to spend money Rp. 150k (come and back) after arriving at the parking lot of horse you still have to climb 250 steps before it could arrive at the crater rim.

Walking is the best decision because you can explore the region as a whole sea of sand, you can photograph Selfi as much, and can visit the temple potent Bromo, a house of worship Hindus when they will perform the ceremony.

When the dry season comes a lot of tourists who visit Mount Bromo crater, we suggest for you to bring a mask due to dust and toxic gases in bromo scattered everywhere.

Being on top of Mount Bromo you will see is a view of the crater that is so remarkable and also the surrounding natural scenery is also so amazing.

Mount Bromo Crater

Thank you for reading our article about Mount Bromo Crater, I hope it will be useful of you if you want to visit our mountain is Bromo Tengger Semeru east java.

Mount Bromo Crater
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