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Bromo Midnight Tour Package 1 day 1 night

Mount Bromo Midnight Tour – Have you ever wondered how Mount Bromo is like at midnight? If you are, well, you are in luck because we have the tour package for you! In just 12 hours, you will be able to visit Mount Bromo and witness the greatness of the mountain. This means, you don’t need to have a lot of time in order to enjoy the trip. We are making this trip possible by not including staying in the hotel around Bromo area. This is because this Bromo Midnight Tour Package 1 day 1 night will only take 12 hours.

The trip will be started when we pick you up at midnight. You can either be fetched in Surabaya or Malang. We will continue the trip directly to Bromo after that. We will enjoy the view of Bromo all night and day by our Jeep, and we will take you back to Surabaya or Malang.

This trip is perfect for you who just arrive in the city yet have no activities to do. It is also great if you don’t have as much time to spend. We understand that you might have limited amount of time on your vacation. You don’t have to spend the night at any hotel. Or, this is also perfect for you who want to minimize your budget. So, instead of taking the tour package for two days one night, this is a great alternative for you.

Detailed Itinerary For Bromo Midnight Tour Package

If you would like to know our detailed itinerary, proceed on reading this article.

Surabaya or Malang – Mount Bromo – Surabaya or Malang

The Bromo Midnight Tour Package trip will start as we pick you up in wherever you just arrive. That means, we can pick you up either from the airport, hotel or train station at midnight. Using this private transportation of ours, we will bring you to Mount Bromo which is located in Cemoro Lawang village. This will take around 3 hours of driving in order to get to Mount Bromo. As we arrive in Cemoro Lawang, we will park at the post transit. We will change the transportation to 4 wheel drive Jeep, and we will do the Bromo tour straight after that.

With our 4WD Jeep, we will bring you to the view point at Mount Penanjakan or Penanjakan 2 view point. Here we can witness the sunrise in Bromo. There are a lot of visitors coming here every day just to see the beautiful sunrise. We will also enjoy the view of Bromo from the view point. After the trip, we will bring you to Mount Bromo. In Mount Bromo, we will take you to see the Bromo Crater.

After you are satisfied enough, we will be back to the post transit where we change the car. We will change our Jeep with a private car. That is the end of the Bromo sunrise tour program. Before leaving Mount Bromo, you can have breakfast and enjoy the scenery around Bromo. Around 11 am, we will bring you back to Surabaya or Malang. On our way there, we will stop by in a restaurant to have lunch. We will be back to your destination after that, and that will be the end of our trip.

More about Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo, an active volcano and one of the most famous mountains in East Java. It is a part of the National Park of Bromo, Tengger and Semeru. The national park itself has the area of 800 square kilo meters. You can’t just miss the chance to visit at least one of these mountains. Mount Bromo is especially a must if you ever have the chance to visit here.

What makes it favorite among tourists to visit is its beautiful view of sunrise. You can witness the sunrise along with the view of Bromo. This is because we are going to go up to Mount Penanjakan where it is the best location to see the infamous sunrise. We will be just in time to see this because we start the trip at midnight. You can see the sun slowly showing itself and it’s going to be unforgettable.

The temperature that you will experience in Mount Bromo is going to be quite cold. This is because Bromo has the same temperature just like desert. So, at midnight it will be cold but on the daylight it is going to be quite warm. It can range from 10 degrees to 30 degrees celcius. As we will be there in midnight, it is advisable for you to bring warm yet light clothing.

Mount Bromo Midnight Price and Transportation

Who would think that a 12 hours visit to Mount Bromo is possible? It is possible because Awan Tour has just the right trip for you with limited amount of time or budget, or if you just don’t know where to do at midnight. Here we offer an affordable short trip just for you. There is no excuse to not go to Mount Bromo anymore.

This tour package is for you so that you don’t miss the chance to enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo. This height of this mountain is 2,329 meters, yet you are able to enjoy it in just 12 hours. Here is the detailed price and facilities that you are going to get:

Includes and Excludes In Bromo Midnight Tour Package Price   

1 PAXIDR. 2.500.000,-/PAX
2 PAXIDR. 1.350.000,-/PAX
3 PAXIDR. 1.000.000,-/PAX
4 PAXIDR. 850.000,-/PAX
5 PAXIDR. 750.000,-/PAX

All the Bromo Midnight 12 Hours options include these facilities:

  • Private tourist transportation (Jeep and private car) equipped with air conditioning, full petrol and driver included
  • Entrance fee for Bromo
  • Toll and parking fee
  • Mineral waters during the trip
  • Breakfast
  • English speaking guide (custom order)

The price excludes:

  • Lunch
  • Personal insurance
  • Driver tips

For more information about the price and booking package of Surabaya Bromo Midnight Tour, please contact us through:

Call / Text / Whatsapp:  +62 85 61 9999 09

Email: awantourtravel [@] yahoo.com

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