Bromo Milky Way Photography Tour 2 Days 1 Night

Bromo Milky Way Photography Tour 2 Days 1 Night

Mount Bromo keeps the best view for you who loves the mountain view. You will never forget the experience in Bromo if you try it. Especially, if you like photography, the Bromo milky way Photography tour will be a good way to get the best photo of mountain. It means, you can stand up on the summit and under the sky, enjoy the stargazing of galaxy at Mt. Bromo in the night, and it will give you the best experience. Then you can also take the best picture that you can bring home.

Mt. Bromo has been well known for its beauty. But, have you heard about Milky Way?. offer a special trip is milky way tour at bromo volcano east Java for you who wants something different. Before we get into that, there are a couple of things that you need to know about this natural phenomenon.

What is Milky Way Galaxy?

The word of Milky way is actually a translation of the Greece (galaxías kýklos, “milky circle”) and means a spiral-shaped galaxy with a diameter of 100,000 up to 180,000 light years. If more simply, the milky way is a star scattered in the vast sky. When viewed from our Earth, the milky way is like a pile of light that has a certain length and stretches that is very beautiful.

The Best Time To Take Photo

If you want to take the best picture of milky way in mount bromo, come to here between July, August to October. In this time, you can see the Sagittarius Constellation. It can add the best view of sky in your photography because this time the galaxy gathers in the center. At Bromo National park, there are 4 places that you can go if you want to see this perfect phenomena. They are Penanjakan, Kingkong Hill, Seruni Point, and the last is Mentigen hill. Through these 4 spots, you can see this best phenomena.

Go To The Mount Bromo Stargazing Tour

To make your journey is convenient, you must find a good travel agent and you can go there with a guard who can guide you and prepare all the tools and appliances needed when you hike and sleep in the Bromo mountain. So, you can get the best picture of stargazing in the night under the open sky in Mt Bromo. You don’t need to worry about the Jeep and best spot to see the phenomena, because the guide will prepare it for you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Milky Way without any trouble.

Package Bromo Milky Way Photography Tour

To witness the Milky way is not that easy. You need to know the strategic time and place so that you can enjoy this phenomenal view. On this mount bromo milky way Photography tour is generally start at night. That is around 7 p.m. You will be guided by our experienced guide who will pick you up by Jeep. You will then be led into some of the best stops that you surely will enjoy.

To get the best out of this, we offer you to do a tour package with a short time on 2 days or 1 night, then for the milky way way tour is usually start at night from the lower place to higher spot. This way, you can get the best picture of the view. But, one thing to note is that, if you would like to enjoy it, there is a certain date and day. Not in every day is the best for you to get there. There are some tips for you who want to go Bromo Milky Way Photography Tour, below for detail trip.

Bromo Tour Milky Way

Rundown Itinerary Mount Bromo milky Way Tour 2 Days 1 Night

The following is a schedule of activities that you and other participants will get, while participating in the tour package bromo stargazing tour for photography on 2 days and 1 night:

Pick up Surabaya or Malang Airport

  • 12.00: Firstly, our staff will fetch you from your place from Surabaya or Malang.
  • 12.30: Afterwards, we will direct you towards Bromo right away using private transportation
  • 15.30: After we arrive at the National Park, you may check in and rest at the hotel around there.
  • 16.00: Then, you are going to have free program, where you can relax before we move on at night.

The Night-Time for Milky Way Tour

  • 19.00: After having dinner, we will prepare to do the trip and hunt the Milky Way with our Jeep.
  • 19.30: Our guide will firstly take you to the Poten Temple. This is where you will get the most beautiful spot to see millions of stars.
  • 21.00: Then, continue the journey to the summit of Mount Penanjakan 2,770 m to see the best milky way.
  • 22.00: Back to the hotel to rest as we need to wake up early the next day.

Sunrise Tour 5 Location – Drop off Banyuwangi/Surabaya

  • 03.00: Wake up as early, We are going to Mount Penanjakan to see the infamous sunrise.
  • 06.00: Then, we are going back with our Jeep and heading to the Active crater.
  • 07.30: Visit to Savanna and whispering sands for the last trip.
  • 09.00: Back to hotel, having breakfast while you pack up.
  • 11.00: Next, we will transfer you back to either Juanda/Train station and finish program.

The Prices Bromo Milky Way Photography Tour (2D1N)

2 PersonsIdr. 2.200.000,
3 PersonsIdr. 1.650.000,
4 PersonsIdr. 1.375.000,
5 PersonsIdr. 1.250.000,

Facilities during Tour Bromo Stargazing

  1. Private transportation equipped (AC + full gasoline)
  2. Start from Surabaya/Malang to Bromo tour (go and back)
  3. Professional English Driver as guide
  4. Jeep for Milky Way
  5. Tour Sunrise by Jeep
  6. 1 night hotel or Home stay
  7. 1x Breakfast
  8. Parking and toll road fee
  9. Mineral water during trip
  10. Entrance fee ticket

The price of excludes:

  1. Personal travel insurance
  2. Lunch and dinner fee
  3. Tip for guide and driver

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