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Bromo Permai 1

Bromo Permai 1Bromo Permai 1 Hotel is one of the most recommended cheap hotels near Bromo crater favored by couples, families, and backpackers.

Bromo Permai 1: Best Cheap Hotel near Bromo Crater
If you travel to Bromo, the accommodation types you will mostly see are cheap hotels, such as Bromo Permai 1. However, among various cheap hotels near Bromo area, Bromo Permai 1 is one of the most recommended not just because of its price, but also because of its view, service and facilities. This hotel is great for couples, families and backpackers who want to stay at cheap hotel that still gives good services and facilities.

Bromo Permai 1’s Bedroom Amenites
Whether you visit Bromo as a lone traveler, couple, with families or in a group, Bromo Permai 1 accommodates you with complete basic amenities and strategic location. This Bromo cheap hotel offers three room types: Standard, Standard Tripe, and VIP. Each room except the Standard can accommodate three adults, so the rooms are quite spacious. The rooms are humble with basic furniture, such as beds, wardrobe, table, sink, and chair, but they also have their own bathrooms with showers and hot water. Each room is located in several lodging areas, with terrace chairs and simple gardens to unwind.

Bromo Permai 1 also provides air conditioner, TV and hair dryer for every bedroom (although you probably will not need the air conditioner often because of the cool air). While the bedrooms are quite simple, they are spacious and great for cheap, group accommodation. Other facilities in the hotel include restaurant that serves mostly Indonesian foods, bar, laundry, and 24-hour room service. The rate also includes free breakfast. From the bedrooms, you can see humble garden to refresh your eyes.
The rooms have options between twin beds and double bed, but for the triple rooms, you can get one King-size and regular size bed, or three single beds. Make sure to call first and find out about the room-type availability, to make sure you are convenient.

Facilities at Bromo Permai 1 Hotel
As a hotel located close to Bromo, this hotel offers bike rental you can use to look around the area. You can ask the receptionist for information about tour package or the best recommendations to enjoy Bromo. You can also ask for information about various service rates you may encounter in Bromo, such as trail motorbike, bike and horse rental services. Bromo Permai 1 also provides facilities to help you taking care of your baby if you travel with infant, such as babysitter. The hotel also provides safe storage to keep your valuable luggage.

Bromo Permai Hotel has humble entertainment facilities; it has outdoor pool and bike rental. While all parts of this accommodation are definitely humble, Bromo Permai is quite a good lodging if you only need low-cost hotel for short-period staying. The hotel is suitable for backpackers, lone travelers, and group travelers, including families. Also, Bromo Permai 1 is often recommended by local guide as short stopping place. Therefore, you can give this hotel a go if you want cheap hotel that still has basic amenities and strategic location.

Bromo Permai 1 Hotel

If you need a cheap lodging with basic facilities close to Bromo, make sure to pick the right hotel, such as Bromo Permai 1 for family-friendly, comfortable, cheap accommodation.

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