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Mount Bromo is one of the natural tourist destinations in Java that should not be missed by anyone. Its located in East Java and not to far from Surabaya as central city, you just 3 hours drive to catch this mountain. This Mount is not only offers the beauty of the crater which has a diameter of 800 meters, but also provides extraordinary natural beauty. If you have a short time vacation in two days you can enjoy Mount Bromo Tour Package 2 days 1 night offered by our Travel. This trip often provide alternative best tourist attractions as like to see Sunrise from Penanjakan view point, Crater and other interesting places like Savannah and Whispering Sand.

Mount Bromo is tourism most popular volcano in the world with the best natural scenery. Most tourists that come here to enjoy the beauty of landscape in this tourism like mount Batok beside Mount Bromo, Mount Kursi, and Mount Semeru or Mahameru (the highest peak in Java). Not only that, there is the beauty of Mount Bromo which is offered with certain tourism programs such as: Mount Bromo Milky Way, Prewedding Package, Sunrise and Sunset, also photography milky way by camping.

Mount Bromo Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night Best Trip

Mount Bromo Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night

Awan Tour Offers a trip in just a short time to get the best experience during the Bromo trip. This trip often provide alternative best tourist attractions as like to see Sunrise from Pananjakan view point, Crater and other interesting places like Savannah and Whispering Sand. To enjoy all the spots that we mentioned, you can only order the tour Bromo on our travels.

There are interesting spot that you can enjoy during this trip. So, here are 4 tourist destinations that you must visit if you take the Bromo Tour on 2 days 1 night:

4 Best Tourist destinations around Bromo

  1. The Mount Bromo Crater
    The peak of Mount Bromo is famous for its beautiful crater which is located at an altitude of 2329 masl. The crater of the mountain is still active, so you should be careful around the summit area.
  2. Sunrise on Penanjakan Viewpoint / Kingkong Hill / Love Hill
    Around Bromo, there are many peaks that is suitable as a sunrise spot. one of them is the Peak Penanjakan / Kingkong Hill/Love Hill. This location is the best location to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and the Milky way.
  3. Whispering sands Bromo
    The name Whispering sand comes from the sound of the wind. The sound of blowing sand in the wind sounded as if it were whispers. This vast whispering sand offers a natural silence that you will rarely find in other locations. Whispering Sand tourist attraction is a location that you must visit during trip.
  4. Teletubbies Hill / Savanna meadow
    One more tourist attraction that you must visit during tour is the Savanna Meadow. This Savanna tourist attraction is usually called Teletubbies Hill. There, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the green and wide meadow, which is similar with Teletubbies series. While there, make sure you can maintain the beauty and not littering.

Itinerary Program Mount Bromo Tour start from Surabaya or Malang

(The First Trip): Pick Up from Surabaya / Malang to Mount Bromo area

  • For the first day, usually you and the tourists will be picked up at a designated place. Pick-up can be from the city of Malang or Surabaya via the airport / station or hotel. After that, we will take you directly to the tourist area of Mount Bromo using a private car. The trip will take approximately 3 hours drive. When you arrive at the Bromo area and go straight to the hotel or inn and rest. Usually on the first day there will not be many activities, meaning that just preparations for the next day’s activities.

(Second Trip): Tour Bromo 4 location then drop off Surabaya or Malang

  • The second day, tour package participants prepare to explore the Mount Bromo area by driving a jeep. Participants are getting up early or around 02.30 in the morning. The first spot to go to watch the sunrise is the peak of Pananjakan 1 or it can be on the Kingkong hill. After watching the sunrise, participants then drove through the sea of sand to visit Bromo volcano. To get to the crater, you can walk or rent a horse. After witnessing the beauty of the crater of Mount Bromo, then the tour participants will explore the savanna and whispering desert areas. This mount Bromo tour package 2 days 1 night also ends with returning to the hotel to pack, have breakfast then check out. Then the tour participants will transfer to Malang and Surabaya and the program is complete.

Bromo Tour Package Price 2 Days 1 Night

13.500.000,- /Pax5.450.000,- /Pax
21.850.000,- /Pax2.850.000,- /Pax
31.400.000,- /Pax2.350.000,- /Pax
41.250.000,- /Pax1.850.000,- /Pax
51.100.000,- /Pax1.700.000,- /Pax

Facilities: Bromo Tour Package 2d1n

Tour Include During Trip

  • Best Premium Transport (Standard Tourist)
  • Gasoline and English Driver Basic
  • 1 night hotel around Mount Bromo
  • Private Jeep for Sunrise
  • Entrance ticket fee to Bromo
  • Mineral water 600ml during trip
  • Toll road and parking
  • Breakfast

Tour Exclude

  • Personal Insurance and expenses
  • Lunch and Dinner
  • Tipping
  • Horse riding to Crater

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Bromo Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night

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