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Bromo View Hotel

Bromo View HotelBromo View Hotel at Jl. Raya Bromo KM 5, Triwung Lor, Kademangan, Probolinggo, East Java 67223, Indonesia, Phone:+62 335 434000, offers the serene atmosphere in the downtown area and effortless access to great places and cities in East of Java

A Closer View on Bromo View Hotel, Probolinggo
Its name is increasing popular since it collaborated with a national TV program that presents cooking shows with Mount Bromo as the background view. Yes, it is Bromo View Hotel. Located at the business center of Probolinggo City, the hotel offers prime access from transportation hubs. It is located only 250 meters from Bayuangga Bus Station Probolinggo, 10 minute from Lava-Lava Hotel, and 2 hours of ride from Juanda Airport.

Bromo View Hotel at a Glance
Bromo View Hotel was established in 2004 as a classy Jasmine Diamond hotel. It still maintains its original architectural design that combines traditional culture and modern flair. If you want to enjoy a unique staying experience in East of Java, this is the right place. Besides its strategic location for leisure and business travelers, the hotel also serves as a strategic transit place. Yes, it is easy to access from Surabaya, Situbondo, and Jember.

Bromo View Hotel offers an outstanding view, thus making it popular as a place for social activities, business dining, and even for filming TV program. After spending your day visiting interesting places in Probolinggo and surrounding areas, just walk to the gardens and you will be amazed by the view, particularly before the sunset.

The gardens are also perfect places for you to get inspiration for writing, reading, or simply for relaxation. What about using the hotel gardens as a spot for pre-wedding photos? Many couples have been there for that purpose. They are perfect escape from the bustle of the downtown area.

Bromo View Hotel Facilities and Attractions
In addition to its amazing gardens, Bromo View Hotel offers high-class amenities for guests who are looking for the real sanctuary in the downtown area. The rooms are equipped with TV Cable, Double Bed, hot and cold-water shower, bathtub, Air Conditioning, Refrigerator, mini bar, welcome drink, breakfast, and mineral water, despite slight variations, depending upon the room types.

The hotel is surrounded by various food stalls that offer local foods and beverages. You will get the real taste of East Java here at cheap prices. Even though it may takes you one hour of drive, you still can visit Mount Bromo from the hotel. Bromo View Hotel offers a good transit place on your way to Bromo Tour.

Meanwhile, a number of interesting places and culinary belts are worthy visiting, including:

  • Tasting the popular Soto Ayam Pak Rahman around the city. The restaurant offers a specific food known as soto ayam (a kind of chicken soup). The difference is that it is served with serundeng. The chicken soup is ideal as a breakfast menu before you go the main tourism spots
  • Sumber Hidup; the restaurant offers homemade ice cream with local taste, in addition to other Indonesian and Chinese foods, such as fried lumpia.
  • Beejay Bakau Resort Restaurant; if you want to know how it feels eating at a place surrounded by mangrove forest, this is the place.

Bromo View Hotel

As the name suggests, Bromo View Hotel offers you with the real view of tourism life in Probolinggo, with Mount Bromo as the prime destination. Make your visit special by visiting other interesting places in this city.

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