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Cafe Lava Hostel

Cafe Lava HostelCafe Lava Hostel is hotel Bromo that provides one of the most convenient backpacker accommodations near Mount Bromo, with quick access to Bromo crater.

Cafe Lava Hostel: Convenient Backpacker Accommodation near Bromo
Traveling to Bromo as a backpacker requires you to stay at good, cheap place with perfect atmosphere vibe, and Cafe Lava Hostel is one of the best options. The hostel is just one of cheap hotels and lodgings that can be easily found in Probolinggo, but this one is perfect for backpackers who want to get the rustic vibe from traditional-style rooms, great view, and good basic services when you are in Bromo area. This hostel is one of the most recommended backpacker lodgings near Bromo to do the Bromo Tour, and have many guests from Indonesia and abroad every year.

Cafe Lava Hostel Facilities
This hostel has quite basic facilities, like other backpacker lodgings do, but Cafe Lava backpacker hostel has several upsides. The hostel presents good view to Mount Bromo, and you can also walk for just about 40 minutes from it to reach the famous Bromo crater. The hostel has 17 bedrooms; each accommodates at least two adults and is equipped with basic furniture such as beds, wardrobe, towel rack, TV, and terrace chairs. The rooms are separated into separate lodgings with terrace chairs, and all the rooms in the hotel have traditional-style design, such as Javanese-style wall decoration, wooden furniture, and wooden panels on doors and walls. The same atmosphere is also obvious at restaurant.

This backpacker hostel has several shared bathrooms with showers and hot water, instead of private bathrooms in each bedroom. However, Cafe Lava Hostel offers relatively cheap price in the area, with basic amenities and facilities for backpacker-class accommodation. The hostel offers restaurant and free breakfast with typical menu such as eggs, fruits, and toasts. If you want to walk outside and finds out it is too cold, you can borrow jacket from the hotel. The hotel also has tour service, and you can ask about the surrounding attractions and places to buy basic needs if necessary.

Tips to Stay at Cafe Lava Hostel
Just like any other backpacker-level accommodations, you should only expect basic facilities and amenities at Cafe Lava Hostel Bromo. Since the area can be cold, especially at night, you should prepare jacket, sweater, socks and other warm clothing items. You also probably want to prepare hot tumbler for hot water, and bug repellent lotion to repel mosquitoes. The hostel is easy to reach because the location is strategic and near the street. However, this also means that the outside can be a bit noisy, especially if you come during peak season when many cars and jeeps come to the area.

Cafe Lava Hostel

If you want to travel to other areas after visiting Bromo, it is better to use travel agent that you trust. The hostel has tour arrangement service, but they may present limited options and not something that you feel right for your preferences. However, despite all the downsides, this hostel is cheap, has strategic location, close to Bromo crater, and provides great view from the hostel windows or yard. More importantly, Cafe Lava Hostel is a great backpacker accommodation with traditional-vibe decoration and strategic location for easier trip to Bromo crater and hiking trail.

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