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Catimor Homestay in Ijen Crater

Catimor Homestay in Ijen Crater

Catimor homestay, Bondowoso, East Java, Attracting the visitor to stay.
Catimor Homestay in Ijen crater is an inn that is most often used by visitors during a holiday in the crater, Catimor Hotel is located in a strategic place, namely in the area of plantation Blawan Bondowoso district, and included in the list of the best lodging near Ijen crater. Additionally, Catimor homestay maintained by PTPN XII. That said, this building has existed since the Dutch colonial era in 1894. Nevertheless, this homestay still looks strong and kept clean until today. the building is shaped like a colonial era buildings. Well, at this point you will be able to feel the nuances of the colonial era are still very strong at all.

Catimor homestay in Ijen Crater has a very spacious green area and beautiful because it is built on a plateau at an altitude of about 876 meters above sea level. The building is surrounded by a wide variety of coffee plantations are very extensive. Additionally, Catimor homestay also nearby – one of which is a tourist spot, one of them are coffee plantations, Blawan waterfalls, hot spring baths and Ijen crater. When you’re at this inn, you will be presented with a beautiful view of the plantation, cantimor homestay has a waiter – waiters were very friendly and will provide satisfactory services 24 hours.

To achieve this inn you will need approximately 2 hours drive from the city Bondowoso and Banyuwangi. then you have to go through traveling uphill to arrive at this homestay, during a trip to the inn Catimor you will be presented with a very beautiful scenery along the way to this homestay.

Because Catimor hotel located in the highlands of course the temperature in Catimor Homestay Ijen crater Ijen at night time so is cold, the temperature can reach about 5-10 ° C at night. But you do not have to worry about it anymore because it provides hot water in each bathroom.

Catimor Homestay divided into several rooms with different types of which there are 3 types of rooms are standard type, type Triple and Superior. Each room has a bathroom inside and hot water, Besides having complete facilities Catimor hotel rates are much cheaper and very friendly, you only pay IDR. 150,000 – IDR. 350,000 depending on the room type selected.

If you visit the area Ijen crater attractions, you can choose Catimor homestay as your stopover venue and your family. You will be guaranteed to get a certain satisfaction if you choose this place as a homestay family. Catimor hotel is perfect for relaxing, because it has beautiful scenery and fresh air coming from the coffee plantations that surround the place.

Once again, if the Catimor hotel locations closest to the Ijen crater attraction, it is advisable to stay in this place because the inn if Catimor homestay become a mainstay of the tourists.

Catimor Homestay in Ijen Crater

I think that’s all for information about Catimor homestay in Ijen crater, hopefully the information is useful for those of you who are looking for a reference of the best hotels near the crater of Ijen were comfortable with cheap rates.

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