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Cemara Indah Hotel

Cemara Indah HotelSummary: Cemara Indah Hotel is one of Bromo cheap hotels that provide strategic location to adventure spots in Cemoro Lawang, Ngadisari Bromo, Probolinggo East Java.

Cemara Indah Hotel: Cheap and Strategic Bromo Accommodation
Mount Bromo is a place for adventurous activities, and Cemara Indah Hotel is one of the cheap accommodations that provide strategic location to quickly reach spots such as sandy plateau around Bromo, hiking trails, and Bromo crater. This hotel is like many other lodgings near Bromo: cheap and equipped with basic facilities. The hotel also offers great views from the rooms, giving you great vibe when staying in the accommodation. If you plan to continue your trekking trip to Penanjakan 2 Seruni Point and Bromo crater, this hotel is a good start.

Cemara Indah Hotel Amenities and Facilities
Cemara Indah is a typical cheap Bromo hotel. Located on the high ground in Probolinggo, this hotel offers basic facilities and amenities. Since the hotel is in mountainous area, it always feels cold during the day and especially night, so air conditioner or fan is almost unnecessary. The hotel has 40 bedrooms, and each offers basic amenities such as bed, wardrobe, table, chairs, and private bathroom with hot shower. There are options of Standard, Superior, and Deluxe bedrooms, each accommodate two adults with one extra bed available for the Standard room.

Cemara Indah Hotel also offers basic facilities you will commonly found at cheap hotels around Bromo, such as coffee shop, laundry service, Wi-fi, and room service. Your bedroom rate also includes free breakfast, but the options are usually very basic: typical Indonesian breakfast like fried rice with egg, or toasts with jam, eggs and fruits. The hotel can also help you finding massage service, and you can also borrow jackets from the staff if you are cold at night or want to explore the area. The hotel also offers great view toward the mountain, and there are small garden you can look at while sitting leisurely.

Tips to Stay at Cemara Indah Hotel
Like many cheap hotels in Probolinggo, you should not expect overly-fancy facilities when staying at Cemara Indah Hotel. This hotel is great as an accommodation for a short period of time before you continue the trip to Penanjakan hiking trails or Bromo crater. The most applauded features of this hotel are its strategic location near the main road, and its view toward Bromo (you can reach Penanjakan by walking for about 40 minutes from the hotel). Also, the rate can be higher when you come during the peak season.

If you want to make the best of your trip here, make sure to bring extra jacket and sweater, because the night air here can be super cold even without air conditioner. Also, bring some snacks and mosquito repellant lotion. You can also go find some good local foods around the area with cheap price, instead of relying on foods at the hotel. Hot foods and beverages such as Bakso (meatballs with broth), noodles, grilled corn, tea and coffee are available around the area. You may also want to bring hot tumbler if you want to make your own hot beverage in the room but do not want to ask for hot water from the staff.

Cemara Indah Hotel

In the end, while it only offers very basic facilities, Cemara Indah Hotel is a great place to stay if you aim for strategically located accommodation near Bromo.

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