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Cheap Price for Mount Bromo Tour Package

Cheap Price for Mount Bromo Tour Package

Are you a people who want to do a holiday with a cheap price? So you can save budget travel you have. This time the author would like to share information about Reasonable price or cheap tour packages especially for mount bromo tourist attraction area in East Java

Cheap Price for Mount Bromo Tour Package or reasonable price for Bromo Tour is a detailed cost or estimated budget required in a tour package to Mount Bromo at an affordable price. Usually the price of the package to Bromo depends on the number of participants who will do the holiday, If more and more participants the cheaper the price will get on each participant. Not only that, the lodging will also be influential in determining the price, but you do not worry, the price we offer not only offer low prices but also you will get a complete facility and a comfortable hotel.

The development of tourism in eastern Java today is so rapidly that we as a tour package provider can not avoid new travel agents to travel to bromo by offering Reasonable Price for Bromo Tour Package. As the best alternative to attract new customers that we must offer an affordable price with complete facilities. Because as a travel agent in the field of travel especially mount bromo tour, we believe with the year, this will make the tourist attraction bromo more crowded visitors.

Cheap Price for Mount Bromo Tour Package that we made is to facilitate you to travel to Mount Bromo, by knowing the price to Bromo you no longer need to ask about what range to do tour to Bromo. You only provide budget, list of tourist list, and strong physical during the holidays.

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What is the price of a tour package to Bromo
The price of Bromo tour packages can be adjusted with your travel budget, so you can enjoy a holiday to Bromo with a cheap price, if you feel the price we offer is too expensive you can rent a car only, so you can minimize the budget. For bromo tour package 2 days 1 night, the price for foreign visitors is around Idr. 4.200.000 for 2 people (min 2 participants), Then the price for bromo midnight tour without hotel is around Idr. 2.750.000 for 2 participants. The price that we offered is includes a pickup car in Surabaya / Malang, breakfast, jeep fee at Bromo, entrance fee and hotel in Bromo. If you wanna more info, you can contact us.

Before going to mount Bromo east Java, There are a few things you should pay attention are:

  1. Mountain equipment
    Weather in the area of Bromo is quite cold, especially at night. You should bring warm jackets, mountain shoes, gloves, earplugs and cameras in order to capture a variety of precious moments in the region.
  2. Physical condition
    Prepare the physical condition well, if you have the disease, make sure the drug is in the bag. Especially the bag that you carry anywhere.
  3. Tour packages
    Notice in advance the various things included in the package, the price of bromo tour packages, and other things that do not include the package. This needs to be done, so you can prepare some things that are needed.
Cheap Price for Mount Bromo Tour Package
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