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The Entrance Fee of Baluran National Park

The Entrance Fee of Baluran National Park

The Entrance Fee of Baluran National Park Information
Tourists, both local and international, must know well about the entrance fee of Baluran National Park. As one of the most visited tourist destinations in Indonesia, Baluran national Park is always packed with people. As the result, you may suspect that the entrance fee is quite expensive. Is it really? Well, you will find the answer later on. Let us take a look at Baluran Park for a glance. It is a 25,000 ha area located on the northern coast of Java Island. It has really beautiful typical African savanna scenery that will blow your mind away.

The scenery that you will see is basically full of forest and exotic animals such as horn bills, bulbous, peacocks, and many other animals. You can also see exotic plants such as pecan tree, Java tamarind tree, and so on. Basically if you love outdoor natural scenery, this is the place where you can visit to spend your holiday. Below is more information about Baluran Park including the information about how much the entrance fee of Baluran National Park is.

  1. How Much is the Entrance Fee?
    Because of the national park is so famous, the entrance fee might not be very cheap. However, it is still affordable. The entrance fee is approximately Rp. 150,000 (IDR 150,000) or approximately USD 12 for Monday to Thursday. As for the weekend starts from Friday, the price of the entrance ticket is Rp. 225,000 (IDR 225,000) or approximately USD 18. It is the fee for one person and the entrance ticket can be bought and paid at the park office. The park office is located at Jenderal Ahmad Yani Street 108 Banyuwangi. It is just near Wonorejo area. For further information about the entrance fee and also everything about Baluran Park, you can call Baluran National Park Office at +62 333 24119. You will get the information you need just by calling that number.
  2. Is Baluran Park Worth the Entrance Fee?
    Of course the entrance fee is nothing compared to what you will experience in this park. You will not regret every single penny that you have spent on the entrance fee. In this park, you will be able to enjoy really majestic scenery of the forest and surely if you love outdoor activity, you can do the safari activities here. There will be a lot of wild life experiences in Baluran Park and you can really feel the beauty of the nature. The park is not just a park because within it, you can find and visit a really beautiful white sand beach called Bama Beach. It is only 15 km from the main gate of the park. On the beach, you can see unique marine creatures, coral reef habitats, and also mangrove habitats. You can do a lot of activities in Baluran Park including mountain hiking, safari forest, mount climbing, hill walking, and of course do beach and sea adventure like snorkeling, diving, and canoeing. That is why the entrancee fee of Baluran national Park is totally worth it.

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