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The Entrance Fee of Mount Raung

The Entrance Fee of Mount Raung and Fields Conditions.
Mount Raung has a peak at an altitude of 3,344 meters above sea level. Mount Raung of an active volcano is located in the eastern part of Java Island. This mountain region is in three districts of Jember, Bondowoso, and Banyuwangi. The location of this mountain is in the Ijen mountainous region. This mountain has a peak that is the highest of the region. Mount Raung is the second highest mountain in East Java. Caldera of Mount Raung is the largest caldera in the island of Java. This mountain presents a very challenging adventure for hiking trail uphill and dense vegetation.

Fields Conditions of Mount Raung
Mount Raung is said to have a serious challenge not only because of the difficult terrain but also because there is no water at all from the first base camp. You will not find a stream or other water source. This makes it all the climbers should bring 8-10 liters of water from first base camp until go down from the Mount Raung. The path you are going through a very strenuous and uphill walk from second base camp. If it rains, then there are plenty of leeches along the base camp to base camp the third. You should always be careful when want to do summit attack because the path you travel is very slippery and is surrounded by cliffs. The peak of Mount Raung of a circle and the mountain is still emitting bursts of flame and smoke. There are two tracks that you can climb through the Sumber Waringin and Kalibaru.

Cost Details for Traveling to Mount Raung
From the city of Bondowoso, you have to find public transportation to get to Wonosari. Then, you stop at the junction substation Atta. From the junction, you should be riding again heading to the village of Sumber Waringin. Next, you have to walk back to Pesanggrahan. This place is the postal permit the climbers who want to go to the mountain top. You should discuss administrative matters with guards at the post. You will be served with a friendly.

The entrance fee of Mount Raung is IDR 15,000.00. The fee is only for administrative costs. The cost of using a bus trip is IDR 50.000,00. Before you climb to Mount Raung, you need permission from police officers, forestry, and districts. This permission is written in the letter and you have to write down the climbing time and number of climbers who participated. After you finish permissions, you can go to the post first by using a motor vehicle. You will be charged IDR 15.000,00. Cost to hire a guide to the summit and equipment hire is IDR 750,000.00 per person. The cost of hiring a porter to carry 40 liters of water to the seventh camp post is IDR 600,000 per person. Such costs could be reduced depending on the needs of each of you. If you already carry the complete equipment and do not use the services of a porter, then you can save your money.

The Entrance Fee of Mount Raung

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