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The Entrance fee of Papuma Beach

The Entrance fee of Papuma BeachThe Entrance Fee of Papuma Beach on Holiday
Indonesia is an archipelago that has the longest coastline in the world. Indonesia has a wide variety of beaches. Beach with calm waves and beach with big waves can be found in Indonesia. Beaches in Indonesia are already famous throughout the world. One of the beaches in Indonesia is the famous Tanjung Papuma Beach. This beach has a very captivating beauty. White sand on the beach is the main attraction. You can play various beach games or swim in the beach.

Papuma beach has a natural beauty that is very exotic. The natural scenery on the beach is still beautiful. The beach is also surrounded by beautiful hills. Preservation of ecosystems in this beach has to be maintained by the local government Jember. There is also a protected forest that can be used for camping, research, outbound, and others. This beach is visited by many tourists to spend time with their family.

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This most exotic beach in East Java is a favorite of many tourists from abroad. Beach with bluish-green water can make the charm of the beach becomes more beautiful.

Nusa Barong Island
There are locations for fishing at this beach. The location is called Nusa Barong Island. The island consists of a beautiful and large coral. You have to rent a fishing boat to get to Nusa Barong Island. You should take as long as an hour. You have to pay the ticket IDR 7000.00 for weekdays and IDR 15.000,00 for the holidays. Motorcycles entering the beach area will be charged IDR 1,000.00 while the car charged IDR 2000.00. The entrance fee of Papuma beach is able to change. The best times for a vacation to Papuma are afternoon until sunset. You can enjoy the food served in the restaurant on the beach. You will taste the delicious sea food. Sunset is the most beautiful moment on the beach Papuma. You can stay in the center of the town of Jember to try the original cuisine of Jember. You must have a holiday experience that cannot be forgotten when discussing Papuma beach.

Cottage Location at the Papuma Beach
You can find many cottages around the beach with varying prices. The facilities offered by each cottage are different. Papuma beach is managed by forestry institution. Forestry institution offers many cottages at a price of IDR 150,000.00 to 450,000.00. You can also stay at the hotel is around the coast. This hotel has a cheaper fare namely as between IDR 70,000.00 to IDR 120,000.00. Hotel prices adjusted to the facilities that you will get. You have to pay higher prices in order to get facilities like breakfast and cable television. The cost of travel using plane from Surabaya to Jember is 700 thousand. The cost of travel using the bus is about 50 thousand. You can choose the public transport that suits your budget. You can choose a public transport that makes you feel comfortable. You can plan a vacation to the beach Papuma a few months before the holidays because hotels and cottages start crowded when the holiday. You can book a hotel from an online agency.

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