The Entrance fee of Sukamade

The Entrance fee of Sukamade

Getting the best offer of the entrance fee of the Sukamade is quite challenging. It appears that there are some reasons what makes getting engage to the entrance ticket of the Sukamade Beach is challenging. The first reason is because the location is not easy to reach. The beach is a part of Meru Betiri National Park.

Entrance fee Price to Sukamade (Turtle Beach)

The Entrance Fee of Sukamade

The second reason is because the journey will not that easy. It requires 4-wheel drive vehicle to get there. The beach is indeed very natural. It is quiet and very beautiful place. Almost each night, you can easily find turtles visit Sukamade Beach for laying eggs. Since this is very important to conserve the turtles, this area is 24 hours each day guarded by rangers. This is only one of man attractions that you can get in Sukamade Beach.

The third reason is because there are only few transportation that can carry tourist there. However, Sukamade Beach offers you fantastic attraction that will never you get from anywhere else. The beach presents you heavenly coastal tropical forest. Furthermore, it also resents you with majestic fringing mangroves combined with open savannah-like area. The beach enchantingly offers you white and clear sand with the combination of big waves. Besides, the beach itself has some exotic fauna such as green sea turtles and hawksbill turtle.

Some Route You Can Take to get to Sukamade

There some route that you can take to get thee. Here are some suggestion routes that can direct you there.

The Entrance Fee of the Sukamade Beach, Banyuwangi Route

The entrance fee from Banyuwangi Route appears to be the favorite route. It is because this route is the shortest route. However, even it is the shortest route, it has its own challenge. The journey from this route will take 50 km by only a 4WD vehicle or big truck. The journey to Sukamade will take about 3 to 4 hours. You need to stay a night at Sukamade if you want to have some rest. It is because you must stay until dark if you want to enjoy the complete turtle attraction.

Below for detail info about the entrance ticket price to Sukamade Beach



Idr. 150.000,-

Idr. 225.000,-


Idr. 15.000,-

Idr. 17.500,-

Another reviews, You need to prepare 1.500.000 Idr to pay a driver (1 jeep consist of 5 people, go and back). Besides, you need to spend for 150.000 Idr or 225.000 Idr (weekend) for Meru Betiri National Park admission. Other cost that you need to spend at Sukamade are: a guided tour to see turtle landing at night is 100.000 Idr (for 10 people) and additional 50.000 Idr if you want to join the release of baby turtles in the morning.

The Entrance Fee of the Sukamade Beach, Alternative Jember Route

This journey approaches from the village of Kalibaru, Jember. This alternative route is very recommended for travelers with a limited budget. You can start your journey by taking a bus from Jember to Jajag that take you 2.5 hours. Afterwards, To go to Pesanggaran, you can take a Bemo which is about 20 km. From Pesanggaran market, you can take an Ojek or the Bemo or perhaps daily truck to Sukamade.

The best time to start the journey from Pesanggaran market is at 11 AM. By the truck, you will be charged about 150.000 Idr per person. This journey takes about 4 hours. Afterwards, you can take an Ojek to the beach directly for 200.000 Idr. Afterwards, you will still need to pay he accommodation to Sukadana Beach. You can only a truck a day from Jajag. If you miss one, it is better for you to stay at Jajag and proceed the journey at the next day.

Those two routes are the best route that will bring you to Sukamade Beach. Thus, it is your choice to choose which the entrance fee of the Sukamade is the best for you.

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