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Homestay near Bromo

homestay near BromoBromo homestays | Homestay near Bromo is a good choice if you are a backpacker who needs cheap accommodation with basic, home-like facilities.

List of Cheap Homestay for Backpackers in Bromo
Bromo is a prime destination for all backpackers in East Java, and Bromo homestay is one of ideal options for backpackers or frugal travelers who only need simple accommodation. Many people also like homestay because of its house-like atmosphere, with more laidback atmosphere that feels like a home instead of hotel. There are several homestays you can find near Bromo, but like other accommodations, some may be better than the others.

Best Homestays near Bromo and Their Services
Finding cheap homestay in Bromo is easy, but not all homestays provide the best service. Most homestays usually offer basic, simple services and facilities. However, there are several homestay near Bromo that offer simple but recommended services, such as:

  • Balqis Homestay.
    This homestay is located in Probolinggo, and located in strategic spot near the main street that heads to Bromo. The homestay has 7 bedrooms, with 4 bedrooms on the first floor and 3 bedrooms on the second floor. The homestay has 5 shared bathrooms; all except one has hot water shower. The homestay is very simple, but there are two living rooms, a kitchen, Wi-fi, and free tea/coffee-making facilities. You can also see amazing view toward Bromo.
  • Ngadisari Permai 3 Homestay.
    This homestay is perfect if you do not like too many people in the building. Ngadisari Permai 3 is a Bromo homestay in Probolinggo that only has 3 bedrooms. The homestay is about 2 km from Mount Bromo, and has facilities such as 2 bathrooms (with hot shower), a living room, a kitchen, and simple terrace. The homestay is simple, but very quiet and has strategic location.
  • Yogi Homestay
    One of the homestay near Bromo is Yogi homestay and guest house that located at ngadisari, cemoro lawang sukapura. Many backpacker chose this homestay cause the price is reasonable. Facilities for each room is provide hot shower and twin and double bad.
  • Jafan Homestay.
    This homestay is located just 1.5 km from the main entrance of Bromo, and has 3 bedrooms, which make the homestay very quiet and comfortable. The facilities are very standard, with just a shared bathroom with hot shower, a living room, kitchen, and small parking lot.
  • VIP Alexa Homestay.
    This is a great homestay if you still want exclusivity. This homestay is just 3 km from Bromo and designed for just 2 to 4 people, with the bedroom adjoined with the living room. The house has slightly more exclusive design than many other cheap homestays around the area, with spacious guest room and kitchen. It has a bathroom with hot shower, beautiful view, and strategic location near the main street to Bromo.

These Bromo homestays all have similarities: they are all located in strategic locations and relatively close to Bromo. When your option is just homestay, you should pick one that is safe, clean, and having strategic location compared to your destination.

Homestay near Bromo

There are other benefits of staying at a Bromo homestay. Many of these homestays also provide services related to your trip to Bromo, such as jeep rental, trail motorbike rental, jacket rental, and even tour package service. However, it is best to make sure that you do not deal with scammers, although tour service from locals is usually more trustworthy than services offered by scalpers or cheap hotels. Staying at Bromo homestay can be a great experience, because it feels like you stay in a comfortable home.

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