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Honeymoon Package

Honeymoon PackageHoneymoon package for beautiful place in east Java such as Mount Bromo, Mount Ijen or to Batu Malang Tour is an interesting option as the mount offers combined beauty of desert, City tour,  rain forest, and waterfalls

Reasons for Taking Honeymoon Package
Spending honeymoon doing memorable things and visiting interesting places must be a dream of every bride-to-be. For example that visiting one object tourism in East Java as Mount Bromo is one of the options as you can choose a honeymoon package that fits your need. Did you ever imagine spending the first few days with your spouse visiting a mount? Mount Bromo will surely provide you with such unforgettable moments, which you would not enjoy when visiting Bali or other tourist destinations.

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Why Choosing Honeymoon Package to Bromo
It is true that you will not spend the night on the mount; instead, some comfortable hotels are waiting for you and your loved one in Malang, which is the nearest city to Mount Bromo. Here, you will enjoy the extravagant view of desert, which will bring you to the exoticism of the real desert. There are some reasons for you to take a honeymoon package to Bromo:

  1. Easy to access; yes, Mount Bromo is easy to access from Malang; therefore, finding a comfortable place to stay will not be a problem
  2. Offering romantic sites; Bromo has some natural attractions beside the exotic desert. A historic fall, namely Air Terjun Madakaripura, is located nearby. It offers breathtaking atmosphere and soothing view of surrounding nature. Furthermore, a savanna, which reminds you to the cute Teletubbies hill story, is located at Bromo’s back. It is a romantic and green place to spend the nice moments with your loved one
  3. Great sunrise. Spending a night near to Bromo, you will be offered with sunrise view, you can see it from Love hill Bromo, which is also known as Milky Way phenomenon (Read: Bromo Milky way ).
  4. Affordable honeymoon package. The good news is that you do not have to spend much for a memorable honeymoon in Malang and Bromo. You can get competitive prices offered by various travel agents.

What To Do with Honeymoon Package
Simply hiking the mount and seeing the desert may be usual. If you want to make it special, you need to spend the day until the night comes. This allows you to see the real attraction of Mount Bromo. Besides the nice sunrise view, you will also take the following benefits:

  • Avoiding the extreme heat around Bromo. Since it is surrounded by a desert, Mount Bromo is particularly hot during the afternoon. The mount is steep enough, thus making the climbers directly being exposed to the sun. The case is much different at night, when the mount area reaches almost 10 Celsius degrees
  • Ceremonies at held at night. This is another attraction; the local people, Tengger Clan, live around Bromo and they usually present their traditional dance at night. Here, you can get additional knowledge on Tengger tribes that still preserve their tradition. You can look at the rituals closer by visiting Bromo at night.

Honeymoon Package

In conclusion, do not carelessly choose one of honeymoon areas in Bali or Lombok. The truth is that Malang offers you the best natural attractions, which combine exotic desert, high cliffs, waterfalls, and local tradition. Make sure to put national tourist destinations at the first choice of honeymoon package. Enjoy the best moments and attractions offered by Bromo Tour.

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