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Hotels near Bromo

hotels near bromoLooking for best Bromo hotels or hotels near Bromo must be strategic and have satisfying services, in addition of having wonderful view toward the mountain.

List of Recommended Hotels near Bromo with Strategic Location
Mount Bromo is one of the most iconic travel destinations in East Java, and good Bromo hotels are very sough-out by Indonesian and foreign travelers, especially during peak season. The popularity of Mount Bromo makes the surrounding areas ripe for hotel and lodging business. From small lodging to 3-star hotel, areas surrounding Bromo have lots of accommodations, although you definitely must reserve room quickly during peak season.

Recommended Cheap and Best Bromo Hotels
Bromo is a popular destination for backpackers and low-to-medium budget travelers, so there are many local people offering their houses as lodgings for tourists. However, if you want to stay at hotel, there are some good, cheap, recommended Bromo hotels as nearby accommodations. Here are some cheap hotels with strategic locations near Bromo:

  1. Lava View Lodge
    The best hotel near Bromo by view direct to mount Bromo crater, 3 stars hotel has basic amenities in all its bedrooms and cottages; bed, cupboard, towel rack, table, chair, TV, and simple bathroom with hot shower. The rooms also have tea-making supplies. The hotel has basic facilities such as restaurant that serves Indonesian foods, and laundry.
  2. Cafe Lava Hostel
    One of 3 stars hotel near bromo and 1 management with Lava View Lodge, The hostel presents good view to Mount Bromo, and you can also walk for just about 40 minutes from it to reach the famous Bromo crater.
  3. Cemara Indah Hotel.
    This 3-star hotel in Bromo is located in nearby Bromo crater, and offers 40 comfortable bedrooms with standard furniture and hot water. The hotel offers Standard and Deluxe bedrooms with double or twin beds, bathroom with simple hot shower and toilet, and restaurant that serves local cuisine. Many of the hotel’s bedrooms have amazing view.
  4. Bromo Permai Hotel.
    Another 3-star hotel, this is one of the most recommended cheap hotels near Bromo in Probolinggo. The hotel’s 43 bedrooms offer choices such as standard (twin bed) bedrooms, bedrooms with triple beds, and family bedrooms. The bedrooms may be simple, with standard furniture and hot water bathrooms, but the hotel has quite good basic facilities such as communal kitchen, baggage storage, communal entertainment area, park, laundry, restaurant, tour facility, and airport shuttle.
  5. Jiwa Jawa Resort Bromo or Java Banana Lodge.
    Since 2009, this hotel has been famous as a venue for annual Bromo jazz performance. Located in Probolinggo, this hotel offers spectacular view to Mount Bromo that you can immediately see from the entrance. The hotel has combination between modern and traditional elements, with complete facilities such as bar, restaurant, café, bike rental, restaurant, Wi-fi, laundry, business center, park, and horse-riding rental facility.
  6. Nadia Hotel.
    This is one of super cheap Bromo hotels located in Probolinggo. This 1-star hotel offers 47 simple bedrooms with basic furniture and bathrooms with hot water. This hotel is great for cheap backpacker hotel with facilities such as restaurant, laundry, wide parking spot, and tour arrangement facility.
  7. Yogi Bromo Homestay.
    This is actually more like a homestay, and a favorite among backpackers who want to get a place to sleep for 1 or 2 nights before starting a hike to Bromo crater. The facilities are also very basic; only bedrooms with simple bathrooms, hot water, tour arrangement, and airport shuttle. While the facilities are very basic, many backpackers choose this homestay as a short-period lodging before hiking.
  8. Adas Hotel.
    This is actually one of those Bromo hotels that look more like homestays. However, Adas Hotel is unique because the design is traditional. The hotel is also located near the main road, so it is easy to find. While this is a good for short stay before actually starting a trip to Bromo, it is not really recommended if you cannot stand the noise from nearby street.
  9. SM Bromo Hotel
    This is 2-star hotels near Bromo with high quality and strategic location for the best Bromo trip. Located ar Dusun Krajan, Desa Ngadas, Sukapura, Probolinggo, Jawa Timur, Indonesia.
  10. Yoschi’s Hotel
    One of 2 start hotels near Bromo that located at Wonokerto villages I Bromo, Sukapura, Probolinggo, East Java, 67254, Indonesia iss a backpacker hotel in Bromo with traditional Balines design by cheap rate.
  11. Sion View Hotel
    Hotel by a simple lodging with house-like appearance and has traditional-style decoration. located 3 km from Bromo at Raya Bromo street, Wonokerto village – Ngadisari, Sukapura, Probolinggo, Indonesia.
  12. Nadia Hotel
    Some of Hotels near Bromo has strategically located on your way to Mount Bromo and offers easy access to must-visit tourist destination areas in Probolinggo. it’s need 19 km from mount Bromo area.
  13. Sukapura Permai
    Hotel is a very simple hotel that is close to Bromo, and great for short-period lodging for Bromo travelers. located 20km from Bromo at Sapikerep, Sukapura, Probolinggo, East Java 67254, Indonesia
  14. Bromo Cottages Hotel
    This is 3 star hotel that located in Tosari village, Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia, offers cottage experience with great view to Bromo and recommend hotels for visitors who want to do Bromo Tour.

Hotels Near Bromo

Remember, most of Hotels near Bromo the actual mountain such as in Probolinggo have super basic facilities, since they are meant as short-period lodgings.

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