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Ijen Resto and Guest House

Ijen Resto and Guest House

Enjoy a holiday in a place that is amazing, accommodation is a top priority that must be prioritized, because the lodging a place to rest unwind after a long journey, especially the inn is near the attractions of the destination, it will definitely be beneficial for you.

Ijen Resto and Guest House is a 2 star hotel which is located about 15 kilometers from the Ijen crater. Ijen resto Hotel is a combination of Restaurant and accommodation. The lodging in this place has a type bungalow with various landscape dotted with gardens are so beautiful and lush. When you will visit Kawah Ijen from Banyuwangi, you can spend the night in one of the hotel on the slopes of the Ijen mountains are at Ijen Resto and Guest House.

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Ijen restot and guest house has a very unique building that is building the type bungalows are equipped with simple yet elegant furnishings. So that creates a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. The scenery around the hotel Ijen Resto so attractive. You will be served expanse of forest, clove gardens, parks and hills, you can go on a tour around the hotel Ijen resto to know more closely with residents in the vicinity of the hotel, as they always welcome you in this place.

Ijen Resto and Guest House offers a wide range of hotel facilities were nice, attractive and can affect many visitors to come and stay at this hotel. Facilities provided was no less interesting with other hotel facilities, The facilities are available for guests is restorant, the hotel’s spacious parking, 24-hour wi-fi service restaurant, smoking area, coffee shop and room service, breakfast in every room type. For some of the rooms offered are rooms with a type of bamboo Lily or small bamboo house with bathroom facilities inside. Then there is the type Dahlia or the home of the largest bamboo, type dahlias have two names that Anggrek 1 and 2, with bathroom facilities inside as well as hot water, driver room is also available at the hotel, so for the travel agent does not have to worry for the residence of the driver

To be able to visit the hotel you can take the road out of  Banyuwangi, you can use four-wheel drive or two wheel about 1 hour drive. The condition of the streets is good and not too difficult to pass because there are signs for the hotel guide, you can ask the local people to get directions to the hotel.

Ijen Resto and Guest House

thank you for reading the information about Ijen Resto and Guesthouse. Reservation information, you can contact us or you can go directly to the hotel Ijen resto. if you have plans to vacation in the area of the crater of Ijen Bondowoso and decided to stop by a couple of days in this area, there’s nothing wrong if you choose Ijen Resto and Guest House for the night, because of its location not far from the crater of Ijen which is so famous with the beauty of the crater.

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