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Jampit Guest House

Jampit Guest House

Jampit Guest House or Jampit lodge is a small European-style house, with unique architecture that can be used as a resting place while visiting Mount Ijen Crater attractions. Jampit Guesthouse is situated an altitude of 1100-1600 meters above sea level and is located in a secluded place, namely in the area of Coffee Plantation Kalisat-Jampit in Sempol, Bondowoso. Surroundings guest house there are a beautiful garden with Surrounded by green hills, the front yard there is a vast land planted with various kinds of beautiful flowers that supposedly the flowers directly imported from Europe.

Not only the Ijen crater that you can enjoy when you’re at this place, Agro Tourism Jampit also highly recommended to try, although seem foreign, but Scenic Jampit save treats nature is so natural even the tranquility of surrounding residents can sense when you’re visiting to this place.

Jampit Guest House was founded in 1927, is the first lodging house inhabited by a Dutch family who took part in the control of the coffee plantations in the area Jampit. Of course, home decoration is very thick with a typically Dutch building. Besides a lot of relics of the Dutch treated and cared for until today.

To go to the location Jampit Guesthouse can be reached from two directions (Bondowoso and Banyuwangi), the field will be passed to arrive at the lodge is quite heavy, will travel through the winding road conditions are still paved, During the trip, you will be served with coffee plantations are in the left-right as well as township residents were so gracious to welcome us, after arriving in the location you will be paid with beautiful scenery, lush, cool and natural. visitors can also try to pluck and stop by the garden strawberry that many lined up along the journey to the House Netherlands. Or you can also interact with the surrounding population.

Price and facilities at Wisma Jampit in Ijen crater
Guest house offers 4 room space just in one house, can accommodate 8 to 9 people. The guest house is equipped by a kitchen, a living room and fireplace room. Each of the rooms offered have facilities, bathroom inside with hot water, television and Mineral Water.

For the price per night if staying at Jampit Guest House is about Idr. 2,200,000. This price includes one house and 4 rooms inside and service facilities that have been provided by the manager of this Jampit guesthouse.

Jampit Guest House

If you have more time and extra effort, you can choose a guest house Jampit as a place to stay temporarily, try to book ahead of time, so you get a shelter that dream, but if the guest house is full you can also stay at the Arabica Homestay or Catimor Homestay an inn with the feel of a typical Dutch as well.

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