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Jiwa Jawa Resort Ijen

Jiwa Jawa Resort Ijen

Banyuwangi, lately become a tourist paradise, because a lot of interesting places and save a lot of natural beauty. One of the attractions most visited by tourists is the Ijen crater, this place has a natural phenomenon that is exceptional, as the phenomenon green Tosca of Ijen crater, natural phenomena blue flame as well as the phenomenon Milky way, another uniqueness in this place there is the activity of the sulfur miners work manually. It became the crater is perfect for a visit and to help you in your travel. You can choose Jiwa Jawa Resort Ijen as a place to stay that is comfortable and modern.

Visiting Jiwa Jawa Resort Ijen, Banyuwangi
Currently the Jiwa Jawa Resort Ijen to be one of the best hotels in Banyuwangi, if at Bromo, there is any Jiwa Jawa Resort Bromo which became a favorite hotel in the tourist area. Jiwa Jawa Resort Ijen can be said to be a new hotel due to open in early 2016, although it said was new but this hotel has been visited by many visitors not only local tourists but also from abroad. Besides, this hotel is in a strategic location, combined with the natural scenery Ijen and complete facilities, even perfected with professional service.

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When you choose this hotel as a place to stay you will not feel disappointed with facilities and services that equivalent with the price offered. there are many visitors who stay here for visitors who want to hike the crater.
There are many beautiful sights of Jiwa Java Resort Ijen of Banyuwangi is that you can enjoy. That is because the hotel is located right at the top of the hill, which runs between the exotic scenery of the volcano in East Java, not only that, the island of Bali can be seen here. Of course the most amazing is the freshness of the air and landscapes are given from this hotel, of course it adds a plus for this hotel.

Facilities and price offered by Jiwa Jawa Resort Ijen, Banyuwangi
Many a traveler wants a vacation to the crater of Ijen and would like to stay at the Jiwa Jawa Resort Ijen Hotel, individually, with family or as a couple. This is because the hotel is equipped by supporting facilities such as a fireplace, television, Restaurant and cafe, Art and Photo Gallery, Mountain Bike, Java Mart, Play Ground, or Sauna to make you feel comfortable and also fun.

Moreover, each equipped rooms offered by LCD TVs, heated bathroom or toilet that is hygienic and eco-jet washer system. Besides, in the Jiwa Jawa Resort Ijen Hotel is often used where the promotion of tourism packages Ijen mountain and often held a festival “Mountain Jazz of Ijen”.

The rooms offered by Jiwa Jawa Resort Ijen is Family Lodge, Group Lodge, Java Executive I, Java / Tengger Junior Suite, Java / Ijen / Tengger Deluxe, Java 2 / Ijen / Tengger Executive, with the price per room starts from Rp. 1,000,000 up to Rp.5.000.000,-

Jiwa Jawa Resort Ijen

Of course, this is indeed the right choice because of the design, the amenities, services and strategic location. In fact, from the lobby and the rooms, you can see the view of the volcano. No one regret after staying one or more nights at Jiwa Jawa Resort Ijen of Banyuwangi because the view of the slopes and cliffs of the mountains is very beautiful and makes you feel at home for a long time.

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