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Kalibaru Plantation, Banyuwangi

Kalibaru Plantation, Banyuwangi

Lori—the Kalibaru Attraction of Banyuwangi, East Java.
Banyuwangi which is located in Java Island has been famous as one of the East Java’s granaries. Banyuwangi—The Sunrise of Java, is also famous for its tourism. It has so many famous tourist spots. One of them is Kalibaru. In Kalibaru, tourists both local and international can enjoy plantation and nature by riding in small train called Lori. Lori—the Kalibaru plantation, Banyuwangi, is worth trying.

Riding in Lori to have educational and historical tour
To ride the smallest train in East Java with Lori must be very interesting. It is so cheap that tourists will have to pay only 1.2 million rupiah per Lori for 12 people for a fifty-minute riding. Tourists will have a very interesting and unforgettable trip. It is different from other kinds of tours. Lori—the smallest train in Indonesia that uses diesel machine, is used to take tourists to the coffee plantation located about for hundred meters above sea level. The weather is so cool there with 20-25 degrees Celsius.

Along the railroad tourists will enjoy the beauty of Raung Mountain and Gumitir Mountain. Having such cool weather will make us feel relaxed and cozy. In the plantation, tourists will have knowledge about coffee and chocolate plantation. Tourists will have historical tour since they will be taken to a factory processing coffee that belongs to PTPN XII. The factory has been operating since 1934. Tourists riding in Lori will experience being on the bridge that is tens meters high and also will experience being on the underground tunnel about hundred meters long.

Tourists riding in Lori will have two tunnels called Mrawan and Garahan, the main line of Jember-Banyuwangi train. These tunnels were built in the early of 19 Century–during the Dutch colonialism. People in Jember going to Banyuwangi by train will also experience passing this tunnel. However, passing the tunnel with Lori is a lot different. Lori is an open small train, so when you pass this tunnel with Lori you will feel strange things like cold, humid and cold atmosphere. Not to mention the sound of the water drops coming from the top of the tunnel that will definitely make tourists feel tensed. When Lori comes out of the tunnel, the machinist will stop the small train and let the tourists to take photos in front of the tunnel and enjoy the surroundings.

By riding in Lori, tourists will pass seven bridges along Kalibaru-Garahan. One of the bridges—the longest one that has sixty-three meters in height and 178 meters in length along two hills, will take your adrenaline for sure. Tourists will definitely feel terrified when they look down from the windows of Lori. The machinist also will challenge the tourists by standing at the end of the bridge.

The Lori tour will end in Garahan station and tourists will be taken to the departure station with the same Lori. While waiting for the officers responsible for reversing Lori with their bare hands to the departure destination, tourists will be able to enjoy local food made from several vegetables called Pecel.

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Tips to ride in Lori in Kalibaru:

  1. At least a week before the D-day tourists have to register to ride in Lori at the Jember Train Station. There will be officer to handle this. Tourists will have to pay right away, so prepare the money and keep the receipt.
  2. Choose the best time which is around 11 o’clock am.
  3. Don’t ride in Lori in rainy days
  4. Wear comfortable clothes and wear hats and sun-glasses since the weather in Kalibaru is very hot.

Kalibaru Plantation, Banyuwangi

So, what do you think? Are you ready to pack your things and go to Kalibaru Plantation, Banyuwangi? It is hoped that the article about Lori—the Kalibaru Plantation, Banyuwangi, will be informative enough for you. Good Luck!

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