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Kalibendo Waterfall, Banyuwangi

Kalibendo Waterfall, Banyuwangi

When you visit East Java and Bali, it will be a great idea to choose Kalibendo Waterfall as one of your destinations. Located in a village named Kampung Anyar, Glagah District, Banyuwangi, this waterfall might give more amazing experience for you in exploring the nature of East Java. The waterfall belongs to the Agro Tourism of Kalibendo with 10 meters of height.

In English, Kalibendo can be translated as Bendo River. The waterfall is surrounded by green nature for the area is on Ijen Volcano’s foot. There many plantations surround the waterfall that are organized by local people such as plantations of rubber, coffee, and also cloves.

How to Get There and What to Enjoy
To reach Kalibendo Waterfall, Banyuwangi, you need about 1 hour of driving or riding a motorcycle from Banyuwangi to the north. Choose the same way as you go to Ijen Crater or Kawah Ijen; about 9 kilometers from the downtown of Banyuwangi. For the natural atmosphere, green nature and beautiful waterfall, many visitors come to enjoy the view on weekends and holidays. They are not only the local people but also from other areas of Indonesia and also from abroad.

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Besides the green nature enjoyment, the visitors will also love the fresh and clean water of the river that flows from Mount Bromo. The visitors love to feel the smash of the waterfall as well as swimming through the river. Once you enter the area, you should walk following the river in about 500 meters to the waterfall spot. The river flows slowly and quite shallow so you don’t have to worry to sink or drift. You will reach the waterfall spot after you pass the small stream flow.

Because of the waterfall is surrounded by plantations, entering the area means entering the PT.Plantation; a local corporation that manages the plantations. Park your vehicle after entering the gate of the corporation; in front of a conference hall. Many stalls open business on the area; offering some local foods and beverages.

Before reaching the waterfall, you will have a little trekking time passing the clove plantations as well as trees named Bendo. The natural path still becomes the way to get there; made from land decrease and winding contour. The green hills and various trees make the trekking very refreshing and seems endless. When you reach the river, 1 meter width bridge is welcoming you to across. Then you should trek again in about 300 meters until you find another river. Then follow the river in about 500 meters to find the waterfall spot.

Kalibendo Waterfall, Banyuwangi

Kalibendo Waterfall Banyuwangi commonly belongs to tourism packages consisting Ijen Crater visiting, G-Land Banyuwangi, Sukamade Beach, Green Bay, etc. The tourists that visit Mount Bromo and Bali also often visit this waterfall to enjoy the natural beauty. If you plan to visit after having a tour in Bali, it is recommended to depart in the morning since you will have quite long journey from Banyuwangi Port to the waterfall area. Rent a car with a local driver to ease you reaching the area for his guidance.

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