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Kawah Wurung Attraction

Kawah Wurung Attraction

Perhaps, you can say that East Java has many different tourism spots that can attract people’s attention to explore more about it like Kawah Wurung attraction in Bondowoso.

Exploring The Kawah Wurung Attraction in Bondowoso, East Java
If Banyuwangi has Ijen Crater as one of the best tourism places in East Java even Indonesia, then Bondowoso also has the best spot called Kawah Wurung attraction. Have you ever heard about it? In fact, this place is becoming famous lately and it is called as the hidden paradise in East Java since not many people have come to it. However, social Medias can be the best thing to show the new attraction that will lead people’s attention to visit it too.

The Hidden Paradise: Kawah Wurung Attraction
Kawah wurung attraction is the open savanna with hills’ contour that full of green grasses and trees. The name of Kawah wurung itself has a meaning in Javanese language. The unfinished crater is the meaning of its name. However, if you look at the place carefully, you can see the big basin without any single drop of water. The basin is full of grasses or savanna and it is not formed by the lava of Volcano Mountain. Also, you can see many cows owned by the society there just like farm. Thus, many people do not understand why it is called as crater without water.

As you know that Indonesia is a tropic country that only has two seasons. One is dry season and the other is wet season. If you come to Kawah Wurung in Bondowoso on dry season, you may see the grass color turns into yellow or brown just like autumn. However, if you come to that place in rainy season, you might find this fresh as you are in a rainforest. Many unique plants are growing in this place when the rainy season comes. Bandotan or wedusan is one of the flowers that you can find in this area. They are round and small while the color of them is purple. However, they grow healthy when the rain comes and you will see the flowers cover the green grass on the surface.

Actually, many people misunderstand the position of kawah wurung attraction. Some of them think that it is located in Banyuwangi since Kawah Ijen is also there. However, it is located correctly in Bondowoso as the hidden paradise of East Java. On the east side of this crater, you may see clearly the Ijen crater since both of them almost have the same height from the surface. Meanwhile on the south side, you can see the purple surface that is full of Bandotan flowers between the trees. Some domestic tourists think that Kawah Wurung has similarity with Grassland savanna (Teletubbies hills) in Mount Bromo, Probolinggo, East java.

In reaching Kawah Wurung, you need to gather more energy and prepare yourself properly because the access is still hard to get through. There are many stones on the road and it is damaged so you need to be careful enough. The distance is about 15 km from Bondowoso and it is splitting the quiet coffee plantation. In dry season, the road will be full of dust so you need a mask in order to protect your respiratory system. However, it will be slippery when the rain comes.

Kawah Wurung Attraction

Hope this information about Kawah Wurung attraction will inspire you to make plans in order to explore this hidden paradise in Bondowoso, East Java, Indoenesia.

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