Kingkong Hill Bromo

Kingkong Hill Bromo hill Bromo/Kedaluh hill is one of the Viewpoint in Bromo to see the beauty of Bromo sunrise , located in Mount Penanjakan, the highest is 2,600 meters above sea level. This spot of Kedaluh hill located between summit of mount Penanjakan view point 1 and Love hill (Bukit Cinta). Many visitors did not know much about kingkong hill. But Kedaluh Hill can be made one of the other alternatives to see the sunrise if on the view point 1 are full of visitors. On the other side of the Love hill has the same function, if on both places that on Mt. Penanjakan 1 and bukit kedaluh are full of visitors, so tourists could take others option to see the sunrise from Seuni point or Love Hill Bromo.

Kingkong Hill Bromo (Alternative spot to see Sunrise)

When Trip to Bromo tour to see the view of sunrise, the tourists only know just two best spots for hunting it, that is on the view point 1 and on Seruni Point. Because amount of visitors is increasing every year. The Manager of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park create an other alternative spot for visitors to enjoy the sunrise. One of them is on bukit Kingkong and Love Hill.

According to local stories, The story of the Bukit Kingkong is because one of the cliffs prominent on the kingkong hill. If observed for longer, it will resemble the head and face of KINGKONG. Therefore the tourists call it the KINGKONG hill. Kedaluh hill is not famous better than the peak of Penanjakan 1 and 2 on Seruni Point. But the scenery in seeing the sunrise is not much different from the view on Mount Penanjakan view point 1 and 2. Besides, you can see the beautiful Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru, sea of sand. Then you can also see the neighborhoods Tengger tribe living in the area of Bromo.

How to get the KINGKONG Hill Bromo?

To reach the Bukit kingkong is easy, you can do itself on foot or by a Jeep ride. If you choose the trekking option, starting from Cemoro lawang through the Seruni Point village. Then to Penanjakan 2, and also do a bit of hiking to arrive on the bukit KINGKONG. Take Trekking option to KINGKONG spot from Cemoro Lawang has duration 2 hours trek. And If you use a Jeep or motor bikes option, the visitors can pass through several lines. Among others from the Wonokitri Pasuruan or also from Cemorolawang village, Ngadisari, Probolinggo and from the village of Ngadas, Poncokusumo, Malang.

Usually if you take Bromo Tour by Jeep the trip will starting from your hotel. Then to Kedaluh hill then to the Bromo Crater. To be continued to the Whispering sands and the last to the Grassland Savana Bromo.

Facilities On the Spot 

Kedaluh hill Bromo has many facilities and infrastructure facilities. They include Private toilets, parking of vehicles is quite spacious, the rest to wait for sunrise. You will also get a place to see the sunrise that had surrounded the separation fence for the safety of visitors.

This place is not as high as the summit Penanjakan 1. But, Kingkong Hill Bromo is recommended to enjoy the natural beauty of Bromo. Those of you do not need to worry if you can not see the sunrise from the summit Penanjakan view point 1. Bukit Kingkong will not disappoint you. For more info about the best time to visit and Tour Bromo option, don’t be hesitate to get in touch out agency.

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