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Lava Lava Hotel, Probolinggo

Lava Lava Hotel BromoLava Lava Hotel, Probolinggo is strategically situated at the downtown Probolinggo, just offering effortless access to tourist destinations around the district.

Lava Lava Hotel, Probolinggo: A Perfect Stay for Business and Leisure
If you prefer to stay in the downtown Probolinggo but have tight budgets for accommodation, you can choose Lava Lava Hotel. It is only 1 Km from the business and shopping belts of Probolinggo, thus offering easy access to important places, such as business centers and tourist destinations. Located on ocated at Jl. Raya Bromo km 5, Kel. Triwung Lor, East Java, Indonesia Phone:+62 335 437888, the hotel is ideal for business, leisure, and culinary visitors.

Facilities at Lava Lava Hotel, Probolinggo
Lava Lava Hotel, Probolinggo is the choice for individual, group, and family visitors. There are 20 rooms, which are equipped with Air Conditioning unit, Wi-Fi access, western-style toilets, TV sets, hot water sets, and comfortable beds, depending upon the room types. The hotel is designed in typical Javanese architectural style, just reflecting its services and amenities in Javanese style.

Inside the hotel, you will see clean rooms, which are designed to meet every need of the guests. Men also get their ‘room’ here; the hotel has smoking rooms. For family visitors, there are a number of children activities as well as kid-friendly facilities, such as garden, room service, babysitting facilities, and laundry.

If you want to taste the local food, just go the hotel restaurant and a number of interesting menu are there to try. However, if you want to get the real picture Javanese taste, a number of food stalls (known as warung in local language) are easily found around the hotel. They offer much cheaper prices for each menu.

Interesting Destinations Near to Lava Lava Hotel
As mentioned above, Lava Lava Hotel Probolinggo is a great place for leisure visitors, as it offers easy access to must-visit destinations in Probolinggo. They include Bromo National Park and Bentar Beach. Probolinggo is such a perfect tourism hub; it is near to Mount Bromo as well as beach area. Imagine that you will enjoy the soothing views of mountain area and finish the visits by enjoying sunsets at the beach. Besides these two options, you still can visit other important destinations, such as:

  • Pekalen Rafting; challenge your adrenaline by rafting at Pekalen River (Read: Rafting Pekalen Tour), which offers challenging lines with green tropical forests and paddy rice field as the background view
  • Visiting Ranu Kumbolo (Read: Kumbolo Trekking); the lake offers an excellent view of camping ground that surrounds the lake. Breathe the morning fog and feel the serenity. You can get to the lake by king from Ranupani base. This may take 4 hours, but every effort you make will be paid here, since beautiful and highly serene environment is there for you. Take a 30-minute walk around the hill and you will be amazed by a lavender field.
  • Culinary treats. Make your visit to Probolinggo perfect by tasting the popular foods here, from chicken soup, lumpia, to its homemade delicious ice cream. One of the most popular ice cream stores here is Sumber Hidup, where you will enjoy yummy homemade ice cream with varied flavors, such as chocolate and kelapa kopyor.

Lava Lava Hotel, Bromo

Lava Lava Hotel, Probolinggo, is a strategic place, if you are going to visit not only Mount Bromo but also great destinations in this district. Even though Probolinggo is mostly popular for Bromo Tour and its National Park, other destinations are worthy visiting.

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