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Lava View Lodge Hotel

Lava View LodgeLava View Lodge hotel at Bromo is one of 3-star hotels located in Cemoro lawang Village, Ngadisari, Probolinggo East Java with direct view to Mount Bromo and close access to Bromo sandy plateau and hiking trail.

Lava View Lodge Hotel, Simple Cabins with View to Bromo
Many travelers who come from afar need to stay at lodging near Bromo before continuing their trips, and Lava View Lodge is one of the best hotels to stay at based on the location and view. The hotel offers basic amenities and great view toward Bromo, with quick access to enjoy hiking trip at Penanjakan 1 or explore Bromo’s vast, sandy plateau with horse and trail bike. The hotel also has ethnic design elements with wooden doors and wooden wall panels, making the atmosphere even more apt as an accommodation in Bromo.

The hotel is also easy to find and has wide parking space, perfect if you need to get into your lodging after a long trip right away. The hotel also has strategic location and is easy to find, so it is often recommended by local guide when you sign up for a tour package to Bromo.

Lava View Lodge Hotel Facilities
Like many lodgings for travelers to Bromo in Probolinggo, Lava View Hotel Bromo provides amazing view as one of its best features. From the hotel, it is easy to see Bromo and its sandy plateau. The hotel offers two types of bedrooms: some are located in the hotel’s lodgings, while others are in three separate cottages. Cottages provide the best view toward Mount Bromo, and perfect for family or group travelers. The rooms are available in options such as standard bedrooms for two people or family bedrooms for four people.

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The Lava View Lodge hotel has basic amenities in all its bedrooms and cottages; bed, cupboard, towel rack, table, chair, TV, and simple bathroom with hot shower. The rooms also have tea-making supplies. The hotel has basic facilities such as restaurant that serves Indonesian foods, and laundry. However, guests are advised to bring some snacks or foods on their own, because the restaurant apparently has little varieties when it comes to foods (although they do have much hot water supply, which is necessary). The hotel also provides free motorbike ride for those who want to go to Bromo sandy plateau.

Tips to Stay at Lava View Lodge Hotel
Overall, Lava View Lodge Hotel is a good accommodation if you count the view and distance from Bromo, especially if you want as close access as possible with Bromo sandy plateau and hiking trail such as Penanjakan 1 and 2. However, this hotel is known for having slightly higher rate than the other hotels that have similar facilities, although the location and view can be redemption qualities for some people, especially those who travel in groups and prefer something that is more like a cottage.

Lava View Lodge Hotel

The hotel is also a bit old-fashioned from the design, and in some rooms, it feels and smells a little old. However, some actually like the old-fashioned design, with engraved table, traditional-styled wall designs and wooden panels on the walls and doors, because they go well with the surrounding view and atmosphere. If you only need accommodation for short-period of stay, you can choose Lava View Lodge Hotel, with beautiful view and convenient distance from Mount Bromo as its best features

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