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Love Hill Bromo

Love Hill Bromo

Enjoy the beautiful sunrise and view Bromo from the Love Hill or Bukit Cinta does have its own satisfaction, Many of them chose the Love Hill Bromo as one of the other alternative if they can not continue the journey to the top Penanjakan view point 1.

The visitors did not know much about the Love Hill Bromo, as well as KINGKONG Hill, because most of them, if it has been were in Bromo, they have a purpose to see the sunrise from the summit of Penanjakan 1 view point or perhaps from the top of Mount Penanjakan 2. Because of that is a great place to see the sunrise.

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Love Hill Bromo located about 5 km from the summit Penanjakan 1 Bromo and not too so far from the KINGKONG HILL, Because the route to third place is one-way. One view point sunrise at Mount Bromo is Love Hill is a popular stopover for visitors who already know about its existence and is being returned from enjoying the sunrise at the summit of mount Penanjakan 1.

When the holidays moment, enjoy the sunrise from the summit of mount Penanjakan 1 is now becoming a rare moment for the visitors. if we do not leave at 2 o’clock early morning, we will not get a place to watch the sunrise from the summit of Penanjakan 1 view point. Then the alternatives option can be done is to see the sunrise on the Love hill Bromo or the KINGKONG hill.

When you have been directed see the sunrise from Love Hill, You will feel that the scene here is no less interesting than View point Penanjakan 1 and KINGKONG Hill, but to enjoy the sunrise, the priorities are on the Summit of Penanjakan 1. So make sure if you do not want to miss the panoramic sunrise in Bromo , you should get up in the morning, and you will get the most incredible sunrise of Mount Bromo tour from the highest mountain penanjakan 1 View Point.

Love Hill Bromo

Thank you for reading about Love Hill Bromo or Bukit Cinta as alternative option to beautiful Sunrise Bromo, I hope This will be beneficial for you that will take a vacation to Bromo Tour.

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