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Madakaripura Waterfalls Probolinggo

Madakaripura Waterfalls Probolinggo

Madakaripura Waterfalls Probolinggo is a amazing waterfall that has incredible beauty, waterfalls it holds the status of the most beautiful waterfall number 2 in Indonesia after Niagara Two Colors, Sibolangit, of North Sumatra.

Madakaripura waterfalls, located in the village Sapih, District Lumbang, Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia. Madakaripura still part of the “Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park“. Madakaripura Waterfalls have a height of 620 meters above sea level, and the height of the waterfall is 200 meters. While at the waterfall site you will find a circular rock like you’re in a giant wells. Besides, there are some rock cliffs located along the main road to the waterfall, there is water flowing as it was raining.

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Madakaripura Waterfalls believed to be a place Mahapatih Gajah Mada, doing meditation of his life after uniting the land archipelago. Therefore, this waterfall in called Madakaripura Waterfalls.

Access to the object Madakaripura Waterfalls Probolinggo.
To arrive at the location Madakaripura tourism one that you have to do is to use public transport or bus, if you take the direction of Surabaya to Probolinggo and stopped in the village Tongas. After arriving in the village Tongas you can use a motorcycle taxi or public transportation to arrive at the location of Waterfalls that have been in previous bargaining.

Upon arriving at the parking location of Waterfalls you need to set up some equipment such as raincoats, slippers, and a waterproof camera. The trip to the waterfall of the park about 1 km, road access is so easy, just follow the road that has been provided, is quite easy and the road conditions are comfortable, the trip only takes 30 minutes, after arriving at the waterfall location Madakaripura you can bathe , play the water or selfy photograph.

When the rainy season arrives, it is advisable to leave the location of the waterfall before 02.00 pm, because the place is frequent flooding and very dangerous for your safety.

The right time to enjoy the Madakaripura waterfalls Probolinggo is a working day, because in this very beautiful place if enjoyed in conditions of quiet and not crowded. Try to visit before 11 am in order to get the incredible views.

After visiting the enchanting beauty of Madakaripura waterfalls, you can return home or continue traveling to Bromo, or you can read our program is Bromo Madakaripura Waterfalls Tour

Madakaripura Waterfalls Probolinggo

Note: Before you take a trip to the Madakaripura waterfalls, you should need to prepare a budget that is enough, because besides Madakaripura, there was another beauty that should the visit such as Mount Bromo, located a little way from Madakaripura. What are you waiting, do not wait for the holidays arrive to enjoy the Madakaripura waterfalls.

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