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Mahkota Plengkung Hotel

Mahkota Plengkung Hotel

Mahkota Plengkung Hotel is located Jalan Yos Sudarso No. 218, Banyuwangi, East Java. The hotel is close to the main square Banyuwangi and is located on the main line toward Situbondo. The hotel became one of the 2 star hotel which offers a variety of facilities with comfort care and treat a variety of tour in Banyuwangi. Not only that, the ease of finding access to the various tourist attractions desired by tourists. Mahkota Plengkung Hotel was built in 2010 to have a design style typical of Java, with a blend of modern architecture.

Facilities of Mahkota Plengkung Hotel
The hotel is equipped with complete range of facilities for the convenience of customers who are staying at the hotel, while the facilities provided were.

Public facilities
There are several public facilities provided is in the form of room service totaling 50 rooms, with a variety of rooms of different types. Each room is equipped with a double bed, fan, tv, welcome drink, Keyphone and also the breakfast. Then there is the restaurant that also has a strategic location that is easily accessible to visitors.

Facilities services
Additionally public facilities, service facilities such as room service is always available full time or 24 hours every day, then there is also a laundry service, wifi service in the public space, as well as service travel packages for visitors who want to tour in the area of Banyuwangi.

Facilities transportation services
Provided transportation facilities for shuttle service from the airport to the hotel, making it easier for guests to find transportation to get to the hotel of Mahkota Plengkung.

Rates of Mahkota Plengkung Hotel
The room rate of Mahkota Plengkung Hotel in Banyuwangi was not too expensive, the price will be coinciding with the type that will be selected by the guests. As an example:

  1. Economic room types, the price offered is Rp 175,000.
  2. Standart room type, price range from Rp. 250,000 per night
  3. VIP room type, price range from Rp. 390,000 Per night

The price of the facility has a double bed, fan, tv, welcome drink, Keyphone and also breakfast. Besides having a cheap fare, room is clean and there is a swimming pool that you can use for bathing and relax in the afternoon.

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Notes to this hotel is that the Check In conducted at one in the afternoon and checked out before twelve noon. Hotel of Mahkota Plengkung also suitable as business purposes and used as accommodation for the family traveled. Not only the above facilities are provided, various hotel properties are also quite good and will make the guests comfortable.

Hotel of Mahkota Plengkung Banyuwangi always provide the best for our guests who are staying at this hotel. Comfort and complete facilities make you feel like being at home. The hotel’s location is just 10 km from the city center, making guests can quickly and easily reach all the places of interest in Banyuwangi as Red Island island, Ijen crater, Watu Dodol beach and others attraction. In addition, the Mahkota Plengkung Hotel adjacent to the Port of Ketapang, so it will be easier for guests who want to continue the journey to the island of Bali.

Mahkota Plengkung Hotel

Mahkota Plengkung Hotel is the best option for visitors who will explore the diverse attractions in Banyuwangi or just to relax and refresh yourself with a refreshing atmosphere.

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