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Meru Betiri National Park

Meru Betiri National Park

Have you ever been to Meru Betiri National Park Banyuwangi? If you haven’t been there, you should go there and enjoy.

Meru Betiri National park is located in Pesanggrahan sub-district of Banyuwangi district and Jember district–East Java. Meru Betiri which has about 520 kilometers square in width is a great home of incredible flora and fauna. The words Meru and Betiri are after the names of the highest mountains inside this national park called Mount Meru and Mount Betiri. Tourists coming to this national park will find many rare plants like Balanphora Fungosa, Rafflesia zollingeriona, hundreds kinds of healthy herbs, etc. The fauna that tourists can find are the wild, exotic and endangered ones such as apes with long tail, bulls, deer, hedgehogs, etc. Meru Betiri National Park is also famous for it is as the habitat of many kinds of turtles and Panthera tigris sondaica—the Javanese tiger. Take a look at the things which make this national park famous:

  1. Rubber Plantation in the forest
    Inside the forest in Meru Betiri there is a rubber plantation as the inheritance of Dutch completed with its settlement. The products of the plantation are exported to European countries.
  2. Meru Betiri National Park is the research of medicinal plants
    There are about 520 kinds of plants in this national park. Two hundred and forty out of them are plants which are beneficial for health. One of the endemic plants in Meru Betiri is Javanese chili which is good for handling diarrhea and for the health of women after delivery. Since this national park is very spacious there must be parts of it that can be visited interestingly. Take a look at the examples below.

Interesting locations in Meru Betiri National Park:

  • Rajegwesi Beach. In here tourists can have nautical tourism including local culture since the fishermen are all traditional with their traditional boats. Tourists also can enjoy flora and fauna.
  • Sumbersari. In here tourists can enjoy the grazing area with deer and reindeers attractions. Tourists also can visit natural lab used for researches.
  • Sukamade Beach. Camping, surfboarding, observing turtles laying eggs, and other fauna and flora observation are activities that tourists can do in here.
  • Green Bay. This is the place where tourists can explore the forest there, swimming, and nautical tourism.
  • Bandealit Beach. This is the beach where tourists can do water sports, such as body-surfing, canoeing, fishing, jet-skiing, surfing, etc.
  • Japanese Cave. This cave is located near Bandealit Beach. In the past the Japanese soldiers made bunkers in here. In front of the cave is a very tall pile of stones used by the Japanese soldiers to shelter. Tourists can go there by foot.
  • Muara Timur. In here, tourists can observe the deer breeding. In front of the deer cages there is Orchids green house. There are lots of kinds of orchids to show to tourists inside this green house.

Tourists wanting to visit Meru Betiri National Park need to know very important information to have a comfortable visit.

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Tips to visit Meru Betiri National Park:
About the accommodation, visitors need to report to the post available in some parts of this national park so they can sleep there.

  1. The best time to visit is from February to July.
  2. Visitors need to bring a lot of foods and drinks.
  3. Visitors need to bring their own medication.
  4. Visitors need to bring enough clothes

Meru Betiri National Park

It is undoubtedly interesting to visit Meru Betiri National Park, right. It is worth going since tourists will be more knowledgeable, not to mention the natural area that will make use healthier and fresher. Hopefully, this article about Meru Betiri National Park in Banyuwangi will get you inspired to visit it.

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