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Milky Way at Mount Bromo

Milky Way at Mount Bromo is an amazing natural phenomenon, many photographer from many country such us from Singapore, Malaysian, Thailand, Europe, USA, etc, come and enjoying it when they are visiting Mount Bromo in April to September.

Milky Way: Amazing Natural Phenomenon at Mount Bromo
One of the reasons to take honeymoon package to Mount Bromo is its stunning sunrise. What is more interesting is its Milky Way phenomenon. This certainly reminds you on the phenomenon in astronomy. This phenomenon has successfully attracted local and international tourists to visit Bromo Tour. This is particularly true for tourists who love photography, since the natural phenomena offers such a stunning photographic scene.

History Behind Milky Way Phenomenon
In western countries, Milky Way has long been a popular natural attraction. In Indonesia, Milky Way is called Bimasakti, a name of heroic characters in local puppetry arts. It was so named because the Javanese traditional communities saw the chain of stars that form a hero-like look. On the other hand, western people call it Milky Way as the formation looks like a ribbon of white mist on the sky.

The truth is that many international tourists even claim that Milky Way phenomenon at Mount Bromo is one of the best in the world. It is a perfect photographic view as well as a stunning view to enjoy for the newly married couples.

The question is “Does Milky Way at Mount Bromo Tour appear throughout the year?” The answer is No. The phenomenon appears in April to September each year, particularly from 01.00 to 04.00 am when the weather is shiny. During the moments, the weather is particularly dry in Indonesia. This is why many visitors can withstand the night weather to welcome the sunrise, as they can enjoy the amazing view.

How to Enjoy the Milky Way at Bromo
Given the attraction, many travel agents in Probolinggo, Surabaya and Malang or around Mount Bromo specifically offer midnight travel package or sunrise package. This is actually an advantage since the visitors can get the necessary facilities while waiting for the precious moments. However, as you travel at night, make sure to consider the following tips for visiting Mount Bromo.

  • Make a visit during the dry months; this allows you to enjoy perfect sunrise (You can see the amazing Bromo sunrise from Mount Penanjakan 1 View Point, Love hill or from Kingkong Hill), when the sun is its full roundness. Beside the Milky Way, you and your loved one or group members can also enjoy great moon at night
  • Go with a travel agency. This is important to make sure that you get the necessary transportation facilities to and from Mount Bromo. Renting a jeep, for instance, on your own will be a problem.
  • Prepare your physical condition. You will spend the chilling night on the mount area. Then, if you want to see Bromo’s crater, you will have to go down 250 ladders of stairs. These will be a great challenge for your physical fitness, right?
  • Unless you go in-group, never go to Mount Bromo riding a motorcycle, as the challenges are huge.
  • Bring enough sweaters to ensure warmth and comfort during the chilling night at Bromo.

Milky Way at Mount Bromo

So, are you ready to enjoy the natural miracle? Among the places that offer Milky Way in Indonesia, Mount Bromo ranks the first when it comes to beauty. So, make sure to make perfect preparation. These are important to ensure your comfort.

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