Mount Penanjakan View Point 1

Mount Penanjakan View Point 1 is the best tourism location that is a magnet for tourists, not only local but also foreign tourists. Many tourists who come to Bromo just to hunt sunrise from the best spot on the mount Penanjakan view point 1.

Mount Penanjakan (Best View Sunrise)

Mount Penanjakan is a highest place to see the beautiful sunrise with a background of Mt. Bromo, Mt. Batok, mt. Kursi, mountain Widodaren and the highest mountain on the island of Java is Mount Semeru. Mt. Penanjakan at an altitude of 2700 meters above sea level, the location was fit perfectly to see the entire landscape around Bromo.

Penanjakan in the history of the mountain where the gods who are doing the Hermitage, in because of has the highest position among the mountain else then it means that if this place is the fastest place to get a blessing from God.

The position of climbing the mountain to the west of Mount Bromo, is very strategic position once the Bromo and see the view of the sun rising from the east. Towards the mountain Penanjakan have 2 options in between rent jeep whom you can rent around Bromo or by trekking.

Jeep Rental

Jeep rental that you have these four tourist sites that lead to the top of mount Penanjakan view point 1 or the Seruni Point, leading to the crater Bromo, Whispering Sands and the last to Padang Savana Bromo, then jeep will take you back to your hotel whom you stay.

Most tourists choose to use a jeep tour that took them to Mount Bromo (2,392 m). It will also take you to view point Penanjakan peak (2700 m). But not least also the tourists choose the alternative that is much more helpful to us that to walk. On foot starting from early morning ie 02.00. Before you make the journey on foot you are required to find info access road to the Penanjakan. You can go to the community “Tengger tribe” that located around Bromo. Or you can hire a local guide to lead you to get to the top of the mount Penanjakan view point 1.

The Hotel

When the peak of the holiday, many tourists who come to Bromo. In addition to the many inns or hotels in the area bromo and jeep that had been booked. Our advice if you want to explore Bromo immediately place an order ahead of time. So, you can get the inn close to Bromo.

If you want to visit Bromo without a stay in the hotel area of Bromo. You can buy a package holiday as Bromo midnight tour 12 hours whom you can get in agent tour Bromo. The program usually offers excursions see the Bromo and sunrise at the peak the Penanjakan 1. The package is very efficient at all for those who have a lot of time. Or, forget to take care of vacation time.

That’ all the short review about mt Penanjakan view point 1 Bromo. Then for more info about Bromo Tour Packages option, accommodation and rent a car please contact our travel agency below:

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