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Mount Raung, east Java

Mount Raung, east JavaThe Exotic Mount Raung, East Java
Mount Raung, East Java is one of volcanoes in Indonesia. This stratovolcano is located in Banyuwangi Regency. Mount Raung itself is a part of Ijen Crater Volcano. You will find the caldera of this mount has dimension about 1.2 miles wide with active smokes belching all the time. The caldera is also surrounded by a grayish rim. This beautiful mount has elevation about 3.332 meters above the sea level.

The location of Mount raung is very close with the famous Ijen Crater. As most mountain lovers know, Ijen Crater is very popular with its fascinating Blue Flame Crater attraction. Mount Raung itself offers you a very scenic view. Lush vegetation around the mount looks so amazing combined with the lively fog. That is why, Mount Raung becomes one of the most favorite destination for mount hiking. Beside its amazing scenery, its hiking trek is so friendly for you who are still beginner for mount hiking. For you who are still confused with the itinerary, here is the itinerary that can be your reference.

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Mount Raung Trip Day 1: Heading to Sumber Waringin Village
From Surabaya, you can go directly to Sumber Waringin village. It is suggested to take a hired driver to get there. Arriving to the Sumber Waringin village, you need to stay one night and report your arrival to Sumber Waringin Shelter. You will start your Mount Raung journey at the following morning.

Mount Raung Trip Day 2: Mount Raung Hiking
In the morning, you can start the trekking after the breakfast. Your first destination will be Demit Hut Camp. This route will bring you through virgin and lush forest. You can enjoy the stunning surrounding view while staying for one-night camping for some rest before heading to Mount Raung summit.

Mount Raung Trip Day 3: Enjoying the Mount Raung Summit
You will continue the journey to Mount Raung summit at the very early morning. Arriving at the summit, you can explore the surrounding and the majestic view of the cities around you from the summit. Besides, you can also enjoy the active Mount Raung Crater. After satisfied enjoying the majestic Mount Raung summit, you can go back down to the Sumber Waringin village.

Mount Raung Trip Day 4: Back Home
After you arrive to the Sumber Waringin village, you can directly go back to Surabaya or directly to Juanda Airport to catch a flight. You can get a hired driver easily at the Sumber Waringin village and say goodbye to Mount Raung, east java.

Mount Raung, East Java

As it is mentioned above, Mount Raung is a part of Ijen Crater Volcano. The Ijen Crater Volcano itself has two other mountains that are Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru. Each of them has its own uniqueness that waits to be explored. Hiking is indeed exciting activities. We are not only just walking to the summit and take some pictures to show off in social media. However, hiking teaches us to respect more. Respecting the nature and others. Thus, hiking requires your cooperation to work together with your team to get to the summit together. Besides, you also must respect the nature by keeping it clean and not doing destructive actions to the nature because one day you come back to Mount Raung, east Java, you can still enjoy such beauty.

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