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Mountain Jazz Event at Bromo

Mountain Jazz Event at BromoMusic festival in every years that is Mountain Jazz Event at Bromo (Indonesian: Jazz Gunung Bromo) is an annual performance that invites jazz musicians and artists across the country to perform with amazing backdrop of Bromo.

Mountain Jazz Event at Bromo: Amazing Musical Experience in East Java
Mount Bromo is not just a place to catch sunrise or have outdoor adventure; you can also enjoy annual Mount Bromo jazz performance. This annual performance is an experience you need to taste if you love both jazz and mountain. In this performance, you can enjoy jazz and musical performances in a venue with the backdrop of Mount Bromo. This event has just been around for 6 years, but it quickly garnered viewers, both local and foreign. Do not miss this show if you want exceptional experience in Bromo.

Mountain Jazz Event History and Goals
The beginning of Bromo jazz was quite humble: three people from different backgrounds who have the same love in art and music, and were willing to invest their energy and money to start the event. Stage actor Butet Kertaradjasa, musician Djaduk Ferianto, and banker Sigit Pramono decided to start Bromo jazz performance as annual event in 2009, to give more venues to local musicians to perform in international-level stage, with additional goal of improving local tourism.

The Mountain Jazz Event at Bromo combines art, music, and beautiful Bromo scenery. According to the three event initiators, this annual event is a symbol of harmony between humans, music and nature. Guests love this event because beautiful scenery that surrounds the stage and venue makes them appreciate the music even more. This is also a perfect marriage between tradition, modern influence, and art appreciation. The event is expected to be held every year, so it can give new dimension in Bromo tourism and attract more visitors.

Mountain Jazz Event at Bromo Details and Information
Every year, the Mount Bromo jazz event is held in an open venue at Java Banana Lodge, Café and Gallery. The venue is located in beautiful Wonotoro Village, Probolinggi Regency, which is a perfect spot because the venue has Mount Bromo as natural backdrop. Every year, the event invites numerous jazz musicians from various areas in Indonesia; the most renowned guests included Andien, Syahrini, Tulus, and Tohpati, along with groups such as Ring of Fire Project, Beben Jazz and Friends, and Nita Aartsen Quatro.

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The last event was held in June, and everyone who is interested in watching the performance can order tickets in advance from website such as JazzGunung dot com. Tourists are advised to check the event calendar first, and note that the some details such as performer on-stage schedules can change.

Mountain Jazz Event at Bromo and Bromo Friends Program
Musical performance is not the only thing offered in Mount Bromo jazz performance. JazzGunung dot com also offers ecotourism program called Sahabat Bromo (Bromo Friends). This ecotourism package is offered to tourists who want to join in the activities of cleaning Bromo area from trashes. The package is offered to minimum two people and maximum four people, and each group gets facilities such as camping tents, sleeping bags, meals, activity kits like shirt, masks, and gloves, free access to various areas in Bromo and tickets to Bromo jazz event.

Mountain Jazz Event at Bromo

If you want different experience when visiting Mount Bromo, make sure to sign up for Mount Bromo jazz event, or even up the ante by signing up for Sahabat Bromo program.

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