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Mountain Jazz Ijen Banyuwangi

Mountain Jazz Ijen Banyuwangi – There are various interesting things which people can find if they are visiting the area in East Java. If you are interested in visiting Ijen Crater, it will be such an exotic area which can be visited when you are interested in enjoying the beauty of the nature. Ijen Crater is located in 3 administrative areas. They are the districts of Situbondo, Banyuwangi, and also Bondowoso. If we also know, that is the same as Mount Bromo which is also located in 4 different administrative areas. They are Malang, Lumajang, Pasuruan, and Probolinggo.

Mount Ijen Crater is actually popular because of the Blue Fire. That is because in this world there are only two places which have the Blue Fire. They are only Indonesia which is located in Ijen Crater, and also Canada. That is why it has been really unique and many people are interested in visiting this beautiful place. Actually, if we are visiting Ijen Crater, there will be various tourist attractions which actually can be easily enjoyed. Of course, it is mostly about the beauty of the nature which can be so refreshing and relaxing so that if you are interested in refreshing your mind, this is such a good and recommended destination to go as well. At Ijen Crater, we will also find a lot of miners of sulfurs which are also that interesting as well.

If we already have known about the beauty of the Ijen Crater nature, of course you also need to know that actually the interesting point about Ijen Crater is not only about its beautiful nature but also about the music event which is held recently and will be the regularly held event. If we often heard about the Mountain Jazz event at Bromo, now we also can know about the Mountain Jazz Ijen Banyuwangi. That is the Mountain Jazz event which is held in the area of the Jiwa Jawa resort Banyuwangi. Even though that is the new event which is held at Ijen Crater, it has been listed as the annually event there. The theme which is chosen is about the humanity. This music event is held at the first time in September 8, ’14. In that first event, there are so many local musicians who show their performance there. Some of them are Imaniar, Deddy Dhukun, and also Fariz RM. They are only some of the artists who perform in this event. Besides of them, there are also Idham Noorsaid, Inang Noorsaid, and many more.

Mountain Jazz Ijen Banyuwangi

Actually, that is the free music event so that there is no ticket to be paid as the entrance ticket but the audience needs to donate at least Rp.5000,00 for charity which is going to be donated to PMI. This event is also held in 2015 as the second event and then, it is also held in 2016. The third event, which is the 2016 event of the Ijen Crater Jazz, is held in three sessions. That is held in July 30, September 10, and also October 22, 2016. That is held in three sessions because of the area of Ijen Crater is limited only for about 300 people and the committee want to give more opportunity for the jazz lovers who want to enjoy this event by dividing the event into 3 different times.

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