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New Entrance Fee to Mount Semeru East Java

Info of New Entrance Fee to Mount Semeru East Java, For tourists from other country before making the climb to Mount Semeru, maybe the ticket price info to the mountain semeru need to know, because the price of this ticket is not cheap for foreign tourists, but the price is proportional to what is earned during Climb on Mount Semeru because you can enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery and adventure there, because this is Indonesia rich in natural charm.

Mount Semeru is a natural tourism in which Mount Semeru is the highest mountain on the island of Java is 3.676 Meters Above Sea Level. Semeru mountain location is in two areas in east Java, namely in Lumajang and Malang Regency East Java, Semeru mountain is a favorite mountain in the community of the Climbers by presenting a winding and steep challenge to conquer up to the peak of the mountain, in addition, the charm of the beauty of this mountain is so popular that many tourists are not only local tourists but foreign tourists come only to conquer this mountain, in addition to mountain climbing challenges Semeru also very Famous for the beauty of the rising sun and its natural charm is one of the beauty of Ranu Kumbolo. After arriving at the top of the mountain semeru you can see the beauty is very extraordinary.

Mount Semeru is currently an active volcano, with the peak of a mountain known as Mahameru which has a crater that is Jonggring Saloko is a dangerous place especially when – a certain moment like the crater began to activate and issued a spark or incandescence then the condition is very dangerous, even already Proved this mountain takes many casualties recorded approximately 50 climbers who died in this mountain.

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New Entrance Fee to Mount Semeru East Java
For the price of Semeru mountain climbing tour ticket currently has a relatively very affordable price for local tourists but different from foreign tourists who offer quite expensive prices, in accordance with the circular price of Semeru mountain tour entrance latest issued on April 29, 2014, there An increase in ticket prices where this is adjusted also with increases in other mountain climbing tours such as Bromo mountain and Ijen crater Banyuwangi, currently for ticket prices can be divided into two categories namely domestic tourists and foreign tourists.

Here is the list of Semeru mountain tour entrance prices valid from 5 May 2014 is as follows:

  • Tourist Country of Indonesia (WNI)
    Weekdays is Rp. 17,500 and for the holiday or week end is Rp. 27.500,-
  • Tourist foreign tourists (WNA)
    Weekdays is Rp. 207,500 and for the holiday or week end is Rp. 307.500,-

Indeed there are far differences between the domestic tourists and foreign tourists, so many tourists who object to the price of admission, but the policy also has a good consideration because the difference in foreign currency against the rupiah also affect the decision, not to mention the number Labor and maintenance costs to manage such a large tourist area, it is mandatory to provide income that can assist conservation and labor in the area of Mount Semeru.

For interested climbers and decide to adventure on Mount Semeru it would be nice to know more about Mount Semeru and the location of the map, and seek guidance by experienced people or tour guides who can help you during the ascent or more easily you can order Through our travel agent, so your climbing journey will be more convenient, because this mountain tour is a challenge for your adrenaline to conquer the mountain with consideration enough to harm you if you do not follow the rules and regulations that have been given or informed beforehand.

New Entrance Fee to Mount Semeru East Java
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