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Rafting Price in Noars Pekalen

Rafting Price in Noars Pekalen

Noars Agent Rafting Pekalen in Probolinggo, East Java, is an operator engaged in rafting and human resource training. Noars rafting offer interesting programs that are presented to you travel lovers, one of the tour package products, namely, Rafting, Rafting Camp, Paint ball, out bond, fan gatherings and outings.

Before you try to package a product of Noars rafting on the river Pekalen, there’s nothing wrong if you know the price for the rafting package.

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Rafting Price in Noars Pekalen divided into two, namely Noars top and bottom, in each of these locations have different prices also among tourists from foreign and local tourists, following price info Noars rafting Pekalen.

  1. Noars Bottom or Noars Rafting Bawah
    Tourist Local: Idr. 230.000/person (min. 5 participants)
    Tourist : Idr. 430.000/person (min. 5 participants)
  2. Noars Top or Noars Rafting Atas
    Tourist Local: Idr. 265.000/person (min. 5 participants)
    Tourist : Idr. Idr. 465.000/person (min. 5 Participants)

Tour Packages facilities of Noars Rafting:
– Welcome drink
– Standard Equipment (helm, paddles, buoys, boats)
– Mineral drinking water fresh
– Local Transportation (shuttle service)
– Local Guide
– Rescue team
– Snack and young coconut/hot drink
– 1x Lunch after rafting
– Travel Insurance
– Rafting trip 12 km for Noars Top and 10 km for bottom

Have plans to use the Noars Agent Rafting actually no doubt because Noars rafting has been in operation for 5 years. With the river classification grade 3 – 3+, and the view point for rafting is Noars Beautiful Waterfalls, one of the waterfalls of 7 points with a width of more or less 30 meter cliff, and has a very beautiful scenery. As for the rapids that must be conquered by participants totaled 50 points rafting rapids are so challenging adrenaline.

Rafting Price in Noars Pekalen

Thank you for reading about Rafting Price in Noars Pekalen. Interesting with this adventure, please contact us to more info. Your satisfaction is our responsibility.

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