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Price : 1.250.000/Person
Min. Pax : 2 Pack
Duration : 2 Days 1 Night
Destination : Mt Bromo, East Java
Additional info : Provide For Private and Group

Milky Way Tour by Camping in Mount Bromo

Bromo Camping tour or Milky way Tour by camping in Mount Bromo is a tour package that we provide. It is for you who want to feel the sensation of staying under the sky which is only shrouded in camping tent. In this tour package of milky way, the participants will be invited to enjoy the beauty of milky way. They are in nice spots in the area of Mount Bromo. Camping trip in Bromo will be the best choice for scenic hunters and photography lovers. Either from domestic tourists to foreign countries, this package is enjoyable.

Not only enjoy the scenery Milky Way on Mount Bromo. The participants can also enjoy the other beauty presented by Mount Bromo. You can see the beauty of the sunrise. You can also enjoy the Savana, Teletubies hill, feel the beauty of the whispering sands. Moreover, you can explore the Bromo crater is still active. Besides that, you will also get the facilities that are not less interesting during the Milky way tour by camping in Bromo. While viewing the beautiful scenery of Milky Way in the sky, you will also be served with a variety of warm drinks. You will be accompanied by experienced local guides. A grilled fish and a campfire event will make your camping event warmer, while eating outdoors.

Milky Way Tour by Camping in Mount Bromo has a duration 2 day 1 night tour program. With a short time you will enjoy all the attractions in Bromo. Below is a tour program for those of you who follow the Milky way package by camping in Bromo survived 2 days 1 night.

Itinerary or travel agenda of Milky Way Tour by Camping on Mount Bromo:

Day 01: Pick up time – Camping Area

The tour starts from picking up your location which has been agreed in advance at the Station, Malang or Surabaya Airport. Other than that, we can also fetch you at home or hotel you stay. Next trip to Bromo will take approximately 3 hours to get to Bromo area. Then, after arriving in Bromo area you continue the trip to the camping site, where you will spend the night and enjoy the beauty of milky way with the scenic backdrop of Mt. Bromo.

Day 02: Milky way tour – Back home

After you feel satisfied enjoy the beauty of Milky Way, the next event is we will take you to the next location. This is to see the breathtaking sunrise scenery background bromo beautiful scenery that is in pananjakan area 1. After watching the beauty of Sunrise in pananjakan area 1, then we will take you to the location of other attractions. The first attraction is to watch the beautiful crater of Bromo. To get to the location you have two alternatives. They are a leisurely walk for 30 minutes or rent a horse as a transportation service. You may drive it to the lips of the crater of Mount Bromo is still active.

Furthermore, after enjoying the amazing Bromo crater phenomenon, you will be back. You will explore other beautiful attractions in mount Bromo such as Padang Savana and Teletubies Hill, and the beauty of Whispering Sand. After that you have to go back to the tent to enjoy a dinner in the form of hot drinks and breakfast. You can do this while resting for a moment and enjoy the beauty of nature. After that, you can packing and we will transfer you back to your last destination. Those include Surabaya or Malang as ending trip of Milky Way Tour by Camping in Mount Bromo by two days.

Camping in Mount Bromo

That’s all is the details of the travel agenda or itinerary Milky way tour. By camping in mount Bromo by 2 days 1 night which will provide a holiday experience to enjoy. You will enjoy the beauty of nature as well as the beauty of Milky Way with camping. Please contact us if you wanna know more about the price of┬áMilky Way Tour by Camping on┬áMount Bromo.

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