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Package Name: Mount Bromo Tour By Cruise Ship

Price : 1.250.000/Person
Min. Pax : 2 Pack
Duration : 1 Day Trip
Destination : Mt Bromo, East Java
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Mount Bromo Tour By Cruise Ship

Mount Bromo Tour By Cruise Ship

Visiting mount Bromo from Probolinggo Port or Mount Bromo Tour By Cruise ShipMount Bromo is located in East Java has become one of the popular tourist destinations lately. For some people, spending time off to Mount Bromo can be used as a means to eliminate fatigue, because the beauty offered by Mount Bromo is extraordinary. For the traveler, Mount Bromo is the right choice to choose. Beautiful scenery offered in the tourist area of Mount Bromo becomes a magnet for local and foreign visitors.

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There are a variety of tour packages offered to enjoy a holiday in Mount Bromo. One of them is Mount Bromo Tour By Cruise Ship which has a duration of 1 day tour, This package we offer to foreign visitors who come from abroad using a cruise ship who want to enjoy the beautiful attractions of Mount Bromo, mountain tourism area Bromo presents the best spot that has never been You see earlier such as bromo crater, savanna fields, and whispered sand. This package has a trip starting from Probolinggo port then to Mt Bromo, and enjoy the tourist attraction in Bromo and then we return back to the port of probolinggo. So, how to program the details for Mount Bromo one day Tour By Cruise Ship ? Please check below the program tour.

08.00am: The visitors who have made a reservation with us, then we will do the pickup process will be done in Probolinggo Harbor using a private car that has included drivers and guide, Then forwarded to the tourist area of Mount Bromo with a duration of 1.5 hours drive.

10.00am: The visitors start preparing to do a tour of Mount Bromo. It has also prepared a jeep with a capacity of approximately 6 people, and bring visitors to the top of Mount Penanjakan. After reaching the peak, visitors can prepare to see the beauty of Mount Bromo with the background of Mount Semeru a highest mountain on the island of Java.

12.00pm: After seeing the beauty of Mount Bromo from the top of Penanjakan view point, the next destination is visiting Bromo crater. To get to the top of the crater, visitors must be taking walk from Jeep parking, because the jeep can only drive you to the parking lot. However, if visitors are not able to walk to the crater of Bromo, there is another alternative that is horse riding, you need more or less for 30 minutes to arrive at the crater of Bromo, Arrive on the top and enjoy the crater.

13.30pm: After enjoying the panorama of Mount Bromo. We will take you back to Probolinggo Port and leave the area of mount Bromo.

16.00pm: Arrive at Probolinggo port and finish program of Mount Bromo Tour By Cruise Ship.

Mount Bromo Tour By Cruise Ship

The Price information of Mount Bromo Tour By Cruise Ship or Bromo tour from Probolinggo, you can contact us, and about the facilities that you get is like below:

  • Private transport standard tourist car (Driver, Petrol)
  • Private transport Jeep
  • Entrance fee to mount Bromo
  • Mineral drinking water
  • Parking lot
  • Local guide (optional)
Mount Bromo Tour By Cruise Ship
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