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Package Name: Water Rafting Pekalen Package 1 day tour

Price : 450.000
Min. Pax : 5 pack
Duration : 1 Day Trip
Destination : Water Rafting in Pekalen Probolinggo
Additional info : Provide Private and Group

Rafting Pekalen Package 1 day tour

Experience River Pakelan Rafting Tour in One Day Package
Trying to experience trip Rafting Pakelan Package 1 day tour can be a great alternative to enjoy your visit to East Java. Indeed, there a lot of place to visit in East Java like Surabaya, the capital city, Malang, the cultural town, Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater, and even Mount Semeru. Taking a one day tour to experience rafting will get you amazing rafting experience.

Tips to get the best rafting experience
There are some stuffs you have to pay attention to make sure you are getting an awesome rafting experience. First, mapping the location. The rafting experience must be part of your journey, you have to put it in your plan. Let’s say you will have the rafting tour in River Pakelan. It means you have to visit Probolinggo, it is where the river located. It takes 3 to 4 hour car rides from Surabaya, it can be your first stop before visiting Malang and Bromo.

Second, browse the tour agency well. There are some rafting tour agency with different route and offers, you have to brows well to compare one tour and others. Pick the one which offer you a one day tour so you don’t have to worry about the accommodation and your lunch. A one day rafting tour package usually includes a pick up car and lunch. Third, choose the tour with professional instructors who can communicate well with you. Most of the instructors are multilingual, they speak local language, Indonesian, and English. You have to check if you need an instructor who speaks other languages. At last, if you come to East Java on your own, you have to make sure that you have booked a hotel in every place you will be staying. Especially, if you come in high season. Good hotels will be likely fully booked.

Program Trip of Rafting Pekalen Package 1 day tour:
Aur team will pick you up at your place whom you stay, it could be from Surabaya or Malang then go direct to Probolinggo where the Rafting location, afterwords transfer to Ranu Gedang Village, Tiris districts, Probolinggo Regency.

Arrive at location of rafting in Probolinggo regency, then to do the rafting at Pekalen River with incredible route. There are 3 operator agent tour rafting that you can choose are Songa Rafting, Noars Rafting and the last is Regulo Rafting Pekalen. Take one of them then do rafting, after satisfied of this rafting, having lunch on the spot, after that, we will take you to transfer back to Surabaya or Malang, and finish program of Rafting Pekalen Package 1 day tour.

Recommend tour: Bromo Rafting Pekalen Probolinggo

Why River Pakelan?
It is a good question everyone ask. Why Pakelan? Indeed, it is easy to access. Either you want to join a tour or coming on your own with you backpacking trip style, you can easily find the route and the public vehicles to reach Pakelan River in Probolinggo. Rafting in Pakelan will also get you wonderful experience of passing seven waterfall and a cave with some bats hanging over the ceiling. A Rafting Pakelan Package 1 day tour will be perfect for you.

Rafting Pekalen Package 1 day tour

In fact, it is suggested for you to book a one day rafting tour, so you can continue your trip to visit other wonderful spots in East Java. Don’t forget to prepare all things you need for the Rafting Pakelan Package 1 day tour

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