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Paragliding Attractions in Bondowoso, East Java

Paragliding Attractions in Bondowoso, east Java

visiting to the Bondowoso city, east Java, Indonesia, not only the beauty of Ijen crater that we can enjoy, there are also other attractions that are not less interesting is the Paragliding Attraction in Bondowoso, East java. Paragliding Tourism, introduced by the Federation of Aero Sport Indonesia (FASI) Bondowoso, east Java, this was done not only develop paragliding, but also introduce the natural attractions in the area Bondowoso.

This attraction offers an interesting experience and mountain incredible scenery. Paragliding flight points are in Bukit Megasari 1.698m above sea, regency. In every year this place has always held the championship Ijen Flying Festival, its purpose is in order that this place could be known by tourists from different parts of the archipelago and the world.

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The tourists who want to try paragliding tour can visit the Megasari hill in Bondowoso, before trying this sport you will be briefed by the instructor, but for beginners can not do it alone because this sport has a high risk. This sport can only be done by experienced participants. Doing exercise is supported by the sunny weather and the wind direction is good enough.

If you’ve decided to try this sport, you have to pay the fare for the paragliding tourism, the issue price, you can negotiate with the instructor. The price offered is inclusive of equipment rental and instructor services. For beginners, the flight will be accompanied by an instructor. Do not forget to bring your camera when it flew because you will feel the sensation of flying in the air at an altitude of over 1,000 meters, combined with the natural scenery such as paddy fields, forests, and settlements.

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Megasari hill not only serve as a place for paragliding travel but also there are two moments that can be witnessed by visitors, first to see the sunrise from the northern part of the crater of Ijen and seeing the sun set behind the mountains Argopuro. Views of the sunrise at the Bukit Megasari is very an incredible, from the top of this hill, visitors can see the scenery of Mount Ijen crater, Kawah Wurung, Mount Raung, and the expanse of the coffee plantation.

Disadvantages of paragliding locations in Megasari hill is a landing area that is still inadequate. Currently, being attempted to use land owned by PTPN XII as a landing area for paragliding. PTPN XII also welcomed this plan and approved the use of the land.

According to the lovers of Paragliding Attractions in Bondowoso, East Java, Bukit Megasari has a height by ideal as a place to take off, which is at an altitude of over 1,500 meters above sea level. Besides, overlays the natural scenery is also very beautiful with the background of Mount Ijen and Mount Raung.

Best place to take off, just being in Bukit Megasari which have a height 1.500mdpl because it is supported by natural factors such as scenery large extend and so beautiful with the background of Ijen mountain, and the mount Raung. In addition to its natural beauty other supporting factors such as the weather was fit perfectly as well as the rainfall is not too high. Although, the rain is not too often flushed but the mountain air in this place is cool and fresh.

Access to the Megasari hill is easy to reach, if you are on vacation to the crater of Ijen make time for a moment to visit this Megasari hill. Because not be longing before it became a tourist destination in the area Bondowoso. Especially with the event Ijen Flying Festival to be held each year.

Paragliding Attractions in Bondowoso, East Java

If enthusiasts Paragliding more and more, the future of this championship will be upgraded to international level, so as to attract foreign tourists to come to this tourist spot. Not only that, the location paragliding has made the construction of the facility becomes more complete and better. That is why, Paragliding Attractions in Bondowoso, east Java becomes more developed and widely known.

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